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Motherhood Is A Splendid Ride But This Is What You Need To Know

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Motherhood for me is being my best self, even at my worst, only for my daughter. It is about finding love and contentment between your otherwise mundane chores.

I became a mother in 2016. I was so overwhelmed and filled with love to see and hold that tiny little part of me for the very first time. It comforts me to see my daughter growing up and showing care, compassion, and appreciation for small things. Also, she is my best friend and my travel partner.

My husband and I are a team together, parenting this beautiful person. We have a clear division for responsibilities and truly support each other’s parenting styles. Becoming a mother is just the beginning of a brand-new adventure for me. Doing things together as a family is true bliss indeed.

I don’t agree with the societal glorification of motherhood that expects you to sacrifice a job/passion for the child. After all, mothers don't need to lose themselves or their passion in the parenting journey. Lately, I had to be in quarantine and hence, away from my child, and it was absolutely heart-wrenching for me. Hugging her after 15 days was absolutely delightful and that’s when I realized that I truly need her much more than she needs me.

The endless cuddles have my heart. It’s still hard to believe that I can love someone so dearly. Now, I do have a clear and consistent rule in the house. From the very beginning, we have followed an age-appropriate schedule. Trust me it makes parenting so much easier.

One thing that I dislike about being a parent is that my daughter gets bored of things, games, and toys so quickly and it becomes really hard to entertain her sometimes. Motherhood has also helped strengthen our bond as a couple and that’s something really worth relishing.

Despite several hardships, my pregnancy was breezy, thanks to my doctor’s approval; for I could take my babymoon to Thailand! Motherhood is a splendid ride, but that shouldn’t stop you from other thrilling episodes in your life, and that’s what is a secret to an elating motherhood odyssey.

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