She Was The Worst Thing That Happened To Her Husband But This Is How She Lived With It

Pratyusa Bhattacharyya Pratyusa Bhattacharyya in Stolen Diaries on 26 April, 2017

The new year had set in, but the old nagging pain of feeling unwanted and unloved never left Meera’s heart or mind. She sat at the corner of her bed with a dim light brooding over her head while shamelessly checking the Facebook profile of her husband’s ex-girlfriend.

She voluntarily inflicted this upon herself- reading each comment, scrutinizing each ‘like’. Her heart sank when she saw a certain Anando Sengupta had left a ‘wow’ on her picture.

Meera felt a chill, it was the silence before the storm. To many, she was old fashioned- not at all, what did they call it, ‘hip’- but what mattered to her was how she measured up in the eyes of her husband. But she knew what he thought of her. She was the worst thing that had ever happened to him. Yet, she kept on trying, even if hope itself failed her far too many times.


Of late, she was busy pursuing hope, hoping that it too would not leave her. The latest belief she had set herself for was simple- why blame her husband if he never valued her in the first place? It gave her peace of mind.

It’s his wish if he chooses to be indifferent towards her even after seven years of marriage. At times, she felt as if he never quite had any affection towards her at all. It’s just that she realized it after so many years. She joked to herself, “The later the better.” 

The doorbell rang hard, marking the end of her self-pity trip. 

Meera sprang from her bed to answer it. It was her husband, drunk and almost half-conscious, looking at her irritably. “If staring daggers at me would only take my life,” Meera thought to herself. He said nothing, but went into his room and bolted the door from inside.


Reality check! It had been ages since this began but the humiliation stayed fresh every day. Meera and her husband had separate bedrooms.

Meera loved him more for not loving her, but cheating on her loyally. She missed Anando that night, physically and emotionally. Yes, a certain Anando Sengupta.