It Was Our Most Magical Night, But By Morning, She Was A Ghost

Anonymous Anonymous in Stolen Diaries on 25 April, 2020

How can you fall so deeply in love with someone on Facebook? How can someone from Facebook become so close to your heart? And how would you react when that beautiful person leaves from your life forever without saying goodbye? I met with a girl on Facebook, whom I loved the most and gave my best to make her happy, but she left me broken. Here my story goes like this- We both come from the Puri district of Odisha. Her village is a maximum of 12km from my home. Her village is familiar to me as my aunt's home is there, and my elder brother's wife (Bhabhi) also stays in the same town. But we were staying in different cities (she in Bhubaneswar and me in Hyderabad).

I met her on Facebook, I sent her friend request, she accepted it on the same day.

Slowly slowly, we talked and got to know each other. I felt as though I had found my companion. It was a great time. I had no girlfriends, so I thanked God for sending her into my life. Most of the time, I waited for her to come online so that we can talk endlessly. So gradually, it became my bad habit- waiting for her to come online without finishing my own work. Still, I didn't mind it because my happiness was with her.


Time passed on, and one day I asked her about personal life. She usually said nothing about her life, but I asked if she was in any relationship. She said no, that she wasn't in a relationship and didn't have a boyfriend. I thanked God again because she was single.

She confessed that she had a crush on me, but not anymore. She also said, "Don't worry, I have never ever been to any relationship."

After knowing this, I decided to love her from my heart as she was so beautiful and educated. After chatting with her for one month, one day I asked for her phone number. She said "No. I have some problems with my phone, so I can't share the number,"

I thought of letting it go as she was a student, and my calls may disturb her student life. I didn't ask her again. It was going well. One day she suddenly asked, "Do you love me?"


OMG, I was like, flying in the sky. I couldn't stop saying yes. I said, "Yes my dear, I love you so much." And I asked her the same question but she said, "I don't feel that way. But I adore you. I'm not sure about my feelings."

I understood that a girl will never reveal her feelings for a boy straight away. I gave her time. So from that day, I stopped asking her if she loves me or not, but I was 99.99% sure that she also loved me, although she was a little shy to admit it. I continued talking to her as if she was my girlfriend.

She would often recommend movies or songs to me that were usually about love. And every time I heard a tune, I would instantly think of her.

We spoke to each other for the next four months until her birthday was around the corner. I asked for her address in Bhubaneswar so I could send her a birthday gift but she said "Just be the first person to wish me. That's my gift."

So I waited that cold winter night to be the first to wish her on her 19th birthday. I put as much magic and love in the words as I could and she was elated. She sent back four voice messages saying that it was the best wish she'd ever got. What could've been more pleasurable than listening to her soft voice for the first time? I felt like the luckiest man alive that day.


But by morning, everything was upside down. She had blocked me and I saw some unread messages from her. She was upset that I had asked my Bhabhi about her. She was enraged because she thought I wanted to get a clean check for her character. So for that, I was blocked.

She said she would never talk to me again.

I could not send her any more messages. I tried from another account, but she wouldn't reply.

I wanted to talk to her only because I love her. But she has already left me. It's been three months and I miss her so much, it hurts. Sometimes I check her profile from my friend's phone. But that's not enough. That's never enough. My heart doesn't stop beating for her.

Editor's Note:

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