I'm Going For My Ex's Wedding And I Can't Stop Thinking About How It All Started

Anonymous Anonymous in Stolen Diaries on 22 June, 2017

My mobile phone rang while I was busy getting ready.


He said, “Where are you? We will get late for the wedding.”


“Yeah, Just 5 minutes. I will reach your place in my car.”

As I hung up the call, my eyes went rolling towards the invitation card lying on dressing table. Unlike most of the normal wedding cards, there was no lord’s picture on the cover page.

It had it written,

To Ms. [My nickname] (which he had given me)

As I opened the card and saw his name, memories flew down my mind. How even the mention of his name randomly on TV used to make my heart skip a beat.


I wished instead of appearing my name in “To”, it would have been better to be appeared after “Weds”. Yes I am going to attend my beloved ex's wedding.

3 Years ago, this happened.

I am Anjali. I was a very sensitive, emotional, broad minded (kind of) girl. When my school and college friends were busy discussing dynamics about love, complications and boyfriends, I was just wondering why it never happened to me. Of course, love is an overrated topic among teenagers. But till my college I was least bothered about all this. I was interested only in studies, making a career, and watching movies. Day dreaming was my favorite hobby.


So I left my city, Mumbai, where I was bought up because I got bored. I moved to Bangalore, which was supposed to be my dream city (so I'd thought). But I didn't know what the new city awaited me. I was always sensitive about my family and close friends. Trying to please and make everyone happy was my biggest mistake till date. I was working in a reputed company. I loved to make new friends and always made it a point to be in contact with everyone. So I had made a chain of friends.

I had this guy friend who seemed to be interested in me. They had a group. Friendly group. I met a lot of people.

I met him there. Abhi. He had a not so pleasing past. No family, a broken first love (he told me later) etc. Naturally I empathized. He did his post graduation from a reputed institute on his own, without any support. It was very impressive.

So we met 2-3 times. Initially, they were just formal 'Hello's. Then came this day, his whole group went for a movie. We were left alone. We started with casual talking but somewhere I felt the spark. I believe he got it too. Then he started flirting. But I told him it's just a crush. Only time proved it was more than that.

My biggest wish was to learn to ride a bike. He came to pick me up. He started teaching me. I was moved at how he taught me everything without taking advantage. It was the start of everything. We both started developing strong feelings for each other. Casual dates. Meeting for lunch with our bunch of friends . Even before I could realize I was already in love and it had spread like wildfire. People got to know soon enough that something was fishy. Nobody except our mutual friends actually knew anything.

There was no formal proposal and we never discussed commitment. It was my first relationship and I didn't know that commitment was entirely a different world. Two months passed like a nice romantic movie. Lots of sweet memories. First kiss. He loved to teach me dancing. We had the best first date on a rainy day. He lifted me up. I saw a total different side of him.

For him too this was the first exclusive kind of a relationship. He came to drop me while leaving for his hometown. 10 days were like 10 years for me. I gave him 10 letters and a book so that he didn’t miss me at all in the 10 days. Sleepover happened (but nothing happened between us). Then came the worst days of my life. He went on a bachelor’s trip to Thailand. I didn't know it will change our relationship completely.

Author's Note:

To be continued..