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If A Man Says All Of This To You, Just Marry Him: Don't Wait

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*For representational purpose only.
If only I could find her I'll never let her go

I'll shower her with affection even more so
I'll protect her, keep her safe from all peril
Take her to exotic countries and experience the thrill.
Our conversations will be vibrant, intellectual and my solitude they would kill
We would be the couple that would often Netflix and chill

We'll have fun and be best buddies better still I'll provide her so much love O yes I will.

We'll fight, laugh, cry but always be there for each other
If it's 2 am and I need to talk she'll be the first one I'll bother
I look forward to all the squabble filled days.
Yeah right! We would only end up making out in each others embrace
Sure we'll have our ups and downs along the way
Our love will be so genuine and overcome we shall overcome everything come what may.

We would explore each others bodies

Discover the childhood scars, the pock marks, the belly flab, and other irregularities

We would proudly sport all the so-called disgusting body hair
Didn't I tell you silly? We would be so much in love to simply not care.
We'll see each other naked and giggle
Making passionate love soon after there would be no room for either of us to wiggle.

I'll poke fun at her, pull her leg and laugh at all her stupidities

In case you forgot the very things that tie me to her would be her eccentricities.

Fart and burp in front of each other we will shamelessly

But wait! I'll be the culprit in public, a blame I'll take gladly.

She has an unfair advantage there I'll give you that
Women farting and belching. Hello? Isn't that considered improper on this planet?

I'll do my best to serenade her with my cooking
Tested over the years on friends and sometimes not to everyone's liking?

Together we will indulge in culinary experiments

When she feeds me food with her own hands I'll probably forget about my own existence.

There will be snowy days, rainy days and let's not forget those lazy Sunday mornings
I'd just cuddle up with my beloved and in her ear whisper sweet nothings
On workdays she'd probably pester me to wake up, get to work and not be a lazy bum
I'll reluctantly grab breakfast head out and just keep mum
She would be the rock, stand solidly by my side and be an anchor in my life

I'd be proud and privileged to call her my wife.

There would be those days of the month and around her lightly I shall tread.
I'll try my best, get her ice cream, tampons and whatever she would need.
I'll help her ease the pain. Give her a relaxing massage maybe?
She will be putting up a brave front. Isn't that what's expected by society?


With her I would want to make babies

She would be the strict mother and haha I would go easy.
She would be annoyed at my laid back parenting
Oh no sir. In them I'll inculcate confidence and won't leave anything lacking.
Silly of me to have already have thought of names for our future bundles of joy

Oh please god. Let us have a girl and a boy?

When we approach sunset, I expect to be by her side

I'll still treat her as though we just got married and she's my new bride.

Will I ever find someone like her I sometimes wonder

Whom my parents would adore and who can be my sister's mentor?

This worry is consuming me night and day
I question the universe but things will work out at least that's what they say.

If you ask me I shall persist and won't take no for an answer.
Of finding my beloved, my dream woman, my life partner

For when I find her I'll never let her go, I'll shower her with affection even more so.

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