If I Should Have A Daughter, Before Anything I'd Do This

Ratula Ray Ratula Ray in Stolen Diaries on 5 March, 2017

I would be terrified to raise my daughter in today's world, if I should have one,
Not because she wouldn't run outside on a Sunday morning in the sun
Or would probably crouch on the sofa and play video games for fun
OH! I forgot; that's not even an option.

Girls are supposed to play with kitchen sets and Barbies; not with machines and guns.
Those are for the boys, the brave little fellas, who are always the superior ones.
No. I have greater reasons to be scared of.

She will be a girl by birth and not by right

And that is the real reason of my fright.
What do I tell her? What do I preach?
Even when I know that the stuff that I teach
Are the ideals I myself don't believe.

I wouldn't have an explanation to all those frowns

She would get from the society that is not-so-kind.
And all the other things combined.
I don't know what to say.

When her red hair sparkles under the summer sun in May
Bringing out the deep brown colour of her eyes

Which will fall victims to the broken promises and lies.

And who am I kidding, even though I would be 40 then
I am pretty sure I would still not understand the ways of men and so
What will I say?

Do I comfort her, saying everything will be fine
And by reciting a few inspirational words from old rotten lines?
Which have no meaning whatsoever, pain demands to be felt.
Maybe I will hug her tight, pull her close and in my embrace let her melt.

This world will butcher her innocence, it will rip everything apart

And in days like these, when I hold her near my heart, she will probably ask me:

"Mommy, you and dad are still together, but why did I fail?"

I hope that I will have the courage to look into her eyes and tell her
"Fairytales do come true sweetheart but not always in the way you desire.
'Happily ever after' takes a toil, patience is the ultimate key."

So look here, what I am trying to do
Is to grow up into the woman whom my daughter can come running to
With all her doubts and insecurities, when the whole world lets her down.

I hope she remembers whose daughter she is, and adjusts her own little crown.