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I Will Go Out, I Am Done Giving Up On My Freedom For My Safety

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*For representational purpose only.


I will go out, why should I not?

Is it my safety that makes you say that?
Or are you too blind to see the fact?

Why set boundaries for me when you don't have any?
Why fix a number for my relationships, when you have many?

If I have more than one boyfriend I am branded a slut,

But if you have girlfriends, you are just a harmless flirt

If I get a promotion I have slept with my boss,
But if you get one, you are an able-workhorse.

I am tired of the lakshman-rekhas you put for my safety,

I am done stepping into fires just to prove my loyalty.

It's time I take matters in my own hands,
It's time I show the world who I really am.

I will go out wherever I want,
I will wear what I like, I am tired of being told you can’t.

I am done with your hypocrisy I am done with you all,
I will shatter the glass ceiling, I will make prejudices fall.

I will go out, day or night,
I will do what needs to be done and what is right.

I won't give up my freedom for my safety,

If anything needs to be set right, it's your screwed up morality.

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