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I Thought Nobody Would Love Me Back. 6 Years Later, My Husband Proved Me Wrong.

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She cried louder than ever that day. It was no different than the other ‘normal’ summer days.

“Why don’t you listen to me? You make me question my existence every single day, every single moment and with every breath that I take. I wonder why I can’t just leave you and let go of all that we once had?

Why should it be just me who has to make things work? You take me for granted. You seem to be penalizing me for a sin that I have not even committed!

After all, isn't that what I have been doing all this while? I know I matter to you because I serve a purpose. I earn some money and I allow you to use me in all possible ways. You know there are no free lunches out there. You are lucky enough to get a nice feast every day. You also have the right to act like a wild beast. Maybe this is happening because you can feel my romantic inclination towards you. Well, all days are not the same you know?

You will realize what I meant to you the day I am gone.

I am just working for that kind of detachment to happen and then I will set myself free. I am afraid that by the time you realize this, it will be too late for you.” said Riya.

“Ahhhh!!! Stop it Riya. I am fed up with hearing this s**t every weekend. If you don’t feel like being here, you are free to leave.

I am tired of apologizing to you for all the b**ls**t that goes on inside your head.

There is nothing to stop you. We aren’t even married. We have not even become intimate as yet. I have told you thousands of times that I value you and you matter to me. I can’t do it anymore. I am done with it!” shouted Yash and slammed the door on her face. Tears rolled down Riya’s brown cheeks.

She had nothing but regret to live with. She was tired of all those false promises and fake statements. They never really turned into actions.

She collected all her stuff from the room and left him one last note. ‘I loved you in the purest way. I cared for you more than I cared for anyone else in this world. But after a point, it became difficult for me to live with you because my love was not reciprocated. So I hereby leave you a note of gratitude for all the good deeds, if any, that you have done for me. Good luck with your life ahead!”

She decided to leave him once and for all. She could not tolerate it anymore. She left the place with a handful of memories that she cherished.

Six years later….

“Where are you Riya? We are getting late for dinner. I have cooked amazingly well. I do believe I can cook some dishes better than you! Come soon, honey! Dinner is waiting."

Annnnnd… here arrives the pretty lady. The love of my life. My sweet wife. Sometimes harsh like a knife but I can’t do without her.

"La la la – taste it and tell me. What do you think of my culinary skills? And post dinner we will have a special session where I will talk about our life with my wife.” said Arik.

They giggled over dinner.

An excerpt from Riya’s diary:

I never knew life had so much bliss in store for me. Every moment I see you, I feel so grateful to God for making me meet you. Six years back, I never thought my love and all my deeds would be reciprocated in such an amazing manner.

I just can’t tell you how I love getting pampered by you. I love the feeling when you express your love for me. I know that you care for me.

You have changed my entire perspective of life. I have a lot of respect and love for you in my heart Arik. You mean the world to me. And no matter how things turn out in life, I will always love you till my last breath.

You accepted me the way I was and changed me beautifully into the woman that I am now.

All this has happened only because of you. I love the way you express your love towards me. You honour me for the person that I am. You don’t make me feel like I am a burden to you. You make me cry because I never thought I deserved this kind of love.

Love you to the moon and back.


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