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I Refused To Send Him More Pictures But What I Got To Know Next Is The Biggest Shock Of My Life

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*For representational purpose only.

(Continues from Dear Desperate Ex Lover: The Day You Asked For Those Pictures, I Should Have Said No Then)

He didn't talk to me.

I said sorry,
I said I'm not ready,
I said this is not correct
But all he wanted were my pictures. 

I couldn't see him disappointed
So I sent him something.

He was delighted, he loved it,
But I was so uncomfortable,
Didn't know what to do next.

Didn't have the strength to act like his puppet anymore,

But I also didn't have the strength to break up.

Then came the biggest shock of my life.

I got to know that he had pictures of many girls like me, 
He had no true love for anyone, 
He just acted for his own pleasure, 
When I asked him to accept his mistake,
He gave me a disgusting reply to that, 
He said, I was different and he wanted me for a whole lifetime as his wife,

But he had a condition for that, he wanted me to send him more pictures, that were fully nude.

Ohh not again. I couldn't hurt my self-respect once again.
I refused,
He threatened to leak my pictures, 

But I couldn't commit one more mistake and make the situation worse again,

I was petrified but I had to be strong,
I told him that those weren't my real pictures and that I didn't expect this from him,
He said that he was kidding and he won't leak the pictures but all he wanted was to see me fully naked,

NO was my only answer and without waiting for a reply,
I reported his id and blocked him.

Deleted my account and created a new id and started to move on. 
It's been 1 year since then,
He doesn't know my name,
Well he didn't care about my name anyway, all he wanted was my body.

This experience taught me a lot, 
Not to trust an unknown person and especially not to love an unknown.

Those memories hurt me day in day out,
They haunt me even in my dreams.

But I only hope that one day
I'll be able to completely move on,

By leaving behind those bad memories and achieving my goal to join IAF and make my parents proud,

Until then I have to suffer in silence.

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