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I Read Her Diary And It Took Me Back To That Wonderful Day

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Life gives you a strange feeling when you are down and out, but it gives you certain surprises that make it worth living.

As I moved into the room all alone, I found her following me. It was not the first time she was doing this to me, but this time even my own shadow was following her. I reached her room and everything was just the way I left it in the morning except the picture on the wall- it was on the bed, looking at me with a smile. I knew it was she who did it but I was helpless. I couldn't say anything to her. As I moved to check more things, I found her diary on the bed side. It was open, as if she had just finished writing it. Before I could touch it, every page started turning and it stopped when that page was open.

Date: 14th Feb’ 2009

Waiting for you.

This does sound strange but guess what? I am waiting for you. Yes, for you Mr. Avi. After all those moments of fights and arguments, those phone call kisses, finally we are meeting and I just can’t stop smiling while thinking about you. You just can’t guess how many times I have already checked myself in the mirror- am I looking perfect, is everything fine? All sorts of questions are coming in my mind. Are you handsome? I just hope you are, otherwise I am seriously going to kill you, or perhaps myself.

You said you will be here by 12 but mister, it's already 12.30 and there is no sign of you. And what am I doing? Writing a page for you. See, you are so lucky! A whole page about you, but I am sort of loving it, so here I go.

Once I was all lost, lost in my dream, lost in this world. Everything was strange for me, birds were not singing, and the sky was not all that blue. My smile was just for myself, my words were all without a meaning.

Then one day, it all changed as I met you, and you became a desire that I don’t know how I am going to hold. Your words made me smile, and for the first time I noticed dimples that were hiding somewhere deep inside. For the first time I realized there is a limit to time and now I have someone to say good night to.

You have became the star of my dreams where sometimes I am a princess and you are my king. My pillow suddenly found that I am too strong as I cuddle it every night as if I am in your arms. With every kiss on the phone I found my lips wishing for you, soft and long. My mornings have become beautiful as birds have finally started singing for me. The sun has stopped looking into my eyes as dreams from the night take a long time to say goodbye. With you, my world has started to change- now it’s no more just me, rather it’s all you for me. I look at myself strangely in the mirror. I see you holding me closer, caressing me like a lover. My eyes make me blush, as I see myself falling for you. They say love is an addiction, and probably my only cure is you.

I guess your bus has come, so I have to stop it here. I think I have already dreamt a lot about you, so I will write good things only after meeting you. Let's see whether I am going to my doom or going to love your every sight. Catch you boy.

Love, Aisha.

The page ended and I realized someone was smiling, looking at me, and before I could say anything, I heard her say "Please turn to another page, I am feeling alive."

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