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I Found A Cute Girl On Facebook And Fell In Love, What Happened After Is The Best Memory Of My Life

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Year 2008, when Facebook started its operations in India, making friends on it was not that tough.

It was Jan 2008 when I sent a random request to a girl whose DP looked too cute to me, a girl lost in her thoughts standing next to her room door. Her smile and big eyes did the magic and I fell in love with her instantly. Like for every guy it takes only 15 seconds to fall in love seemed true now.

She Accepted my Friend Request

Conversation that started with a “hi” on Facebook became long chats on Gmail. Every morning I used to wait for her to come online since getting her phone number wasn’t easy and she made sure I 'earn' her number. She made sure she brought the best in me, the qualities I didn’t know I had. 

Dare or Forget about it

She challenged me to do something that will give her goosebumps, only then would she give her phone number to me. Challenge obviously accepted!

After five minutes of the challenge, I called her office landline and she was like WHAT! She didn’t say Hi! Or something else to me, she called me a 'JERK'. And till now she calls me with that name.

Now I had her number and permission to call her anytime of the day.

Another challenge was to make her comfortable to meet me personally and it took me good two months to convince that I’m damn serious for her. Why? She was a true Delhi-ite and I was a true idiot from NCR. I loved her tantrums back then.

She wanted me to make her feel special in every manner and I succeeded in winning her heart for life.

Khan Market and Cafe Coffee day 

It was 14th April 2008 when I met her for the first time in the most famous market of Delhi — “Khan Market”.

How did I convince her?

Because I traveled for a good 2 weeks to Mumbai on official trips and my back to back meetings made me busy. What I loved about these 2 weeks were her habit of keeping in touch and keeping a log of my daily routine from breakfast to my dinner. And during those two weeks she first said, “Hate You” to me, she never said “Love You”. I didn't need it because her gestures and eyes said everything to me.

I reminisce everything from our first day — her mascara to the pair of shoes she wore.

At 2’o clock I arrived at Khan Market entrance with a bag in my hand, she made sure I didn’t go home directly from the airport. As I was waiting for her, I saw a girl in a green printed floral kurta, wearing shades, approaching me. I knew she was my girl, she tried passing me deliberately, testing me once again.

I smiled and said, “Hey Ms. Sharma,” she smirked and gave me a quick hug. 

Devil’s own, Chilli Cheese Toastizza, and the biggest sandwich I had ever had in my life

She ordered everything in one go and made sure I finished everything. She was always testing and teasing me, not leaving a single moment to let me be clueless. Later she told me that she loved the way I expressed and wanted to see me so that she could love me more. Our first meeting was the only start of the many, which is about to be followed with many more surprises and office bunks.

Office bunks and her anger became a part of my life now. I learnt how to handle her and made her realize where she needed to be corrected and where she deserved to be loved more than anyone.

We were a perfect examples of how two opposites attract. Time flew and our love grew stronger. We were crazy enough to skip our auto-rickshaw rides for a good 3-4 kms walk to just enjoy each other's company.

She put her arms around me and walked in the crowd like I was her most priced possession. She put down her head on my shoulder on occasions to make me realize that no one else in her life is above me. She kept her promises and I kept mine.

Falling in love with her was the easiest thought to die for. Letting her go was a resilient thought to live with.

We had a perfect love story and a possibility to make it reality, but no good stories are meant to be real. It’s been nine years now, we both settled in our lives respectively but the feeling of being loved and to love doesn’t fade away for me. I still cherish those beautiful memories every day and falling in love with someone else never happened.

She is living with my only mistake and I cherish most beautiful memories of my life. I still wait for her messages on my Gmail because she never challenged me again to get her number.

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