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I Don't Want A Girl Child

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*For representational purpose only.
I don't want a girl child

Can't see her cry like me
Can't see her cry for love
Can't see her cry for care

Can't see her suffer the pain of doing so much yet being blamed

Can't see her live under the pressure that she will be loved only if she lives upto "their" expectations.

Those people who do not even know her, 
Those people for whom she will get a glass of water and yet listen to "Oh! I drink water in that glass not this"
But her father loved her by getting her hot milk when she fell sick or just like that in routine.

I don't want her to live in hell for the fear that if she tries to come out of the dark

Then her father will be hurt to the extent that he might live
But will not believe in her dreams ever and will kill to see her smile again.

I don't want a girl

Coz I can't see her die and keep everyone happy.

I can't see her doing everything for him and yet listen to "You do it to taunt".

I hate being a wife
I hate being a daughter-in-law
I hate being a double XX

I wish I could stay just a daddy's daughter forever.

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