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I Don't Have The Courage To Tell Him Myself, So I Am Hoping He Would Read This

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*For representational purpose only.
I have been reading AB for long. Love all the stories that go up. Each is unique in its own way. Such an inspiration to many.

Today, I am here to make a small confession and pray it reaches that person because I have no courage to do so.

My Story:  The first time I saw him my heart skipped a little. Somehow his presence makes me feel complete. My eyes keep looking out for Him. His voice is beyond praise and words. His smile takes me away and makes me fall for him.

We have been friends on social media for a long time but just random ones. No texts nothing. Just because we belong to one community and we know each other. Recently we spent more than a week meeting in a group but not alone. Everyday was so precious to me. I waited for it the entire day.

Yesterday I saw him dressed, he looked so handsome in his suit. As if he is my charming prince. I wanted to praise him but I kept it to me. Also, he had expressed concern about me yesterday. His one word of concern made me blush and happy.

Since we won't be meeting anymore as the meeting was for a specific purpose I have already started missing him. He may have a girlfriend, no idea. He may have girls behind him for sure cause he is so famous all around for his singing.

I do wish that someday he may be mine. I am ready to do what it takes to be with him. I will only mention his name so that somewhere this may reach him. I have no courage to confront him nor do I want to spoil our friendship.

Hey handsome, Victor... Hope you read this!

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