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I Am A Woman: This Is Why You'll Never Completely Understand Me Or Have Me

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*For representational purpose only.

I am a woman. All of me.

I am a creator. The only true one.
From me comes any and all of life.
From me is the birth of unparalleled beauty,
The beginning of goodness, the end of strife.

I am an artist. The only one that counts.
For in my very existence I am a picture and a song.
By just simply being I can create art.

In my company you can learn what it means to belong.

I am a lover. In the truest sense of the word.
My love leaves you in wonder, light as a bird.

Once I’ve let you in I’ll give you everything I have

Nights like a magical carousel, mornings like music unheard.

I am a weakling. Even this I do with dignity.
I am weak when loved ones are harmed.
My deepest parts crumble in another’s burning pain.

But when I protect with my inner tigress you’ll be alarmed.

I am a trickster. I can cheat you of you.
You’re one man Monday, Tuesday you’ll be someone new.
The magnetism of my beauty can also give you flight.
Stick around, relax and take in the view.

I am a woman. Each and every fabulous part of me.

I rejoice in my feminineness, in my softness and my senses.
You'll never completely understand me or have me

For in my glorious mystique lies the thirst that no one fully quenches.

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