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She Almost Learnt To Look At The Glass Half Full By Talking To Him And That's Okay

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The fingers were in the mouth, the nails were being bitten, the legs were continuously shaking and the eyes were darting in every direction. The clock struck twelve, the room was now fully lit with the sunlight, so he got up to draw up the curtains a little and that’s when she notices the timer on the table which told her she had only fifty-five minutes left with her.

“Why do people leave?” she asked.

He just shrugged and sat down again on his chair.

“I mean I don’t get it, it’s not like I called you in my life and said come, come, I mean seriously I am not that inviting, but you do come breach that wall that I had so well framed that only some people could get through it and talk and talk and talk. And then one day bam! you shut me out. I mean please I wasn’t even expecting anything out of you but every day you build up my expectations and then I developed emotions for you as I do for those who are close to me, and out of the blue you leave me, hanging to dry without even having the courtesy of telling me anything, without even giving a warning? I mean I don’t want to be clinging on to someone and I am not saying I want to talk everyday but hello even if you want to go, just tell me na? I mean that much right I have na, because in this friendship there were two hands that shook up, then how can the other just decide to go without even telling the other person. I mean give me closure. I don’t get it, am I someone who only people with severe emotional issues can connect with, and I am fine with that too but just tell me beforehand so I will just act like your guide or as your counselor and would not expect anything out of you. With my magic wand I will just treat you and off you go, whoosh!! I want to believe in people and do well for them but how many times is life going to break me before I give up the hope? How do people live with themselves knowing that they have emotionally destroyed someone?” she said, her voice cracking up.

“Drink some water” he said and handed her the glass.

“What do you see when you look at the glass of water?” he asked.

“That it is half empty” she replied.

“But to me it is half full” he replied.

“That’s all about perspectives. You look at things differently and I look at the same things differently, we are human beings, we are different.” She said annoyingly.

“When you understand that then why can’t you accept it? You are looking at your problem from just one side of the coin and because of the miscommunication you have let your assumption become your judgement and it's taking hold of you. Sometimes people unknowingly do things that hurt other people, but their situations are something like that, that they can’t help it, so try to put yourself in their shoes, you may also have hurt somebody but you don’t know it, even though you have been cautious. But have you ever asked the question why does it hurt? Imagine you have a TV remote control in your hand, you switch the channel and I start to cry. You switch it again and I start to laugh, again and again, where will it leave me? Heartbroken, trusting issues, tension, sad, lonely and what not. If you change yourself because of someone else’s words then you are only hurting yourself and no one and it will leave you nowhere.” He smiled and explained.

“But there are always some people who affect us too deeply and we can’t control it. I mean, I didn’t know that it would happen, like if I knew why would I let it happen?" She asked.

“When in our childhood, our mom always warned us to not touch the hot pan because it would burn the hand but the thing with human beings is that they will always go for the thing denied for, to experience the burn and end our curiosity we still touch the burning hot pan. However, after the experience, we never want to feel that pain again but sometimes accidentally we touch the hot burning pan, it burns but we know how to heal it now. Don’t we?

Same way some people just cross our paths to give us an experience of that burn, of that pain. I won’t say it won’t hurt, but you learn to move on from things. And honey as for knowing you can never know all the answers to all the questions, like what lays ahead of you and neither can you control it, so just let it go as it goes. Wherever you are, you are just fine. Wait and have patience, because somewhere I heard that “Genius is not that person who knows all the answer to all the questions, but is the person who has the patience to know all the answers.” He smiled and the clock buzzed, it was time to leave.

“I wish everyone could know this and understand this, wouldn’t it then be a better place to live in?" She asked while standing at the door.

“Even the heartbeat of a person isn’t a straight line, if it goes straight it means the person is dead, we don’t want that, do we? When you learn to accept yourself and love yourself, it doesn’t matter what others think and if you want to help others, do it but don’t expect something back because if you do then that’s business, not helping.”

Also if everything is fine with the world, where would I as a psychologist go?” he laughed whole-heartedly. And she smiled and went away.

The path was still long but for now she is fine.

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