How Lockdown Changed The Way I Looked At My Daughter

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It all started during the pandemic last year. Let's admit that keeping aside the negative aspect of Covid, it all gave us the time to spend with family, to self introspect into our passion and hobbies. More importantly, it gave me the time to discover the hidden talent in my daughter Mahira.

As it's normal these days for parents to create accounts of their kids on social media, I too didn't hesitate to do so for my daughter but to be honest, I wasn't very active on it. I posted very fewer pictures keeping the profile restrictive to only friends and family but even then I used to get messages from them saying she has a photogenic face, has a screen presence at such a small age and is talented so why not consider vlogging? It wasn't until the pandemic, thanks to WFH, that I actually thought about it and began posting her pictures daily, taking her profile public Mahira1810 .

Soon after I realized that to make her account reach more audience I'd have to put in extra efforts and that's when I started making reels regularly. Her account started growing faster, leading to brand collaborations, re-shares by celebrities and it's still an ongoing process. I'd like to say that I never stopped my daughter from doing what she wants to do. She enjoys dancing, dressing up, and, most significantly, being captured, which adds to the joy of this adventure. Kiara Nautiyal is her favourite kid influencer. Her mini me's reels videos are instantly relatable, and the most remarkable thing about them is her accent; the way she speaks Hindi is simply charming.

Recently, while I was brainstorming during the festive season on reel ideas, she walked up to me and showed me the song she wanted me to make her video on and also showed me the moves that she'd want in the video, it was such a happy moment for me to see how much she enjoys the whole process and that's what makes me feel elated and gives me the push to be consistent with her content.

We usually make the content on either weekends or in the evening during weekdays to ensure she doesn't get too tired. Although our typical days appear to be long, we like how she has dedicated herself to both her education and content development.

She gets up in the morning, then has her online classes, then has breakfast during her breaks, then after the classes she plays for a while, it's tuition time, then lunch, we shoot for any collaborations, then she cycles and plays with her friends in the evening, then dinner time, and then off to bed after an hour or so. Thanks to her online classes we can manage both things.

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