How It Feels To Have A Baby When You're Least Expecting It

Shriya Bhardwaj Shriya Bhardwaj in Stolen Diaries on 10 April, 2017


Is it that time of the month again,
Is it just my hopes to have a baby in vain!

Love is nothing but a mere distraction from our real happiness I felt,

It was the annoyance and pity everyday which I had dealt.
Nothing seemed to stop or start,
I felt like floating in space in an invisible cart.


It was the wish I wanted to happen,
It wasn’t right it was going to be our trial of year eleven.
I cried myself to sleep,
It was not fair and i couldn’t do anything but weep.

That night I woke up and felt sick,
I was so sad that i thought crying had made me weak.
I woke up and fought God again in my prayers,

I told him it was not done .. why didn’t he care!

The week had passed but not my sickness,
I went to the hospital and was asked about the period I might have had a miss.


It was at that moment I realised my dear,

God had heard me yet I lingered in fear.

I was finally happy,
I was going to get my baby!

Signed: 11.03.2017