They Met Soon After The Call But What Happened Next Changed Her Life Forever

Neha Mehta Neha Mehta in Stolen Diaries on 2 April, 2017

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Manas wasted no time and asked her to come over the following afternoon. She took a long pause soon after. She asked him to promise her that he will not judge her and things will remain only between them. Needless to mention, he agreed and then there was a big YES. He also knew he was old enough to get access to something like that easily. Soon enough, they were at his place, had lunch and within no time moved to his bedroom.

Roli had not recollected his face at all. She was right. She was very sure that she had not seen him ever before. Manas tried to make her comfortable, kissed her, and softly pampered her with a massage, till he felt he was too geared up to go all naked, while Roli remained clothed. They kissed, caressed each other but Roli just could not go any further.


“Why? What were you afraid of now?” I surprisingly asked Roli. I was glad she was just going with the flow while describing her story and saying it all. And then when I asked her that question, she confessed about something that gave me goosebumps.

She put her head down, closed her eyes, bit her lips softly and said, “Neha, while I was all there, on him, kissing him, got him all pumped about the action, I was still not ready to go all the way with him because I was yet to convince myself to find him attractive enough for me to get all excited. I realised I was getting physical with him without being excited enough to do it all. Well, for the lack of a better expression or words, I just wanted to have a casual time with him. I was far more settled from the time I told him I wanted to do it. I had become calmer. I wasn’t afraid of anything though.

I know you are thinking why in the first place I encouraged him to move forward. Yes, I gave in to my mind, it was my fault to get him all hopeful about everything and then not give him anything. I could not melt in his arms and I was doing a favour, to both of us I guess. I was honestly only acting not enjoying.

Was I wrong Neha? I am feeling guilty suddenly. In a way, I also feel cheap and more like a call girl. Perhaps they are the only ones who could afford to be this casual about making out with a stranger and get paid for it too.”


I was stunned to hear all this coming from Roli, a girl who came from an Indian middle class family, whose parents would commit suicide if they knew 'they were raising her for all this while'. Sometimes I feel Indian parents never grow up. I was speechless but developed an immense understanding on this situation.

She had flawed in some way I wondered but she had articulated the whole incident without a single drop of tear, pretty much unlike the real, emotional, Roli.

I did not question her on why she had to take such a step. In fact, I understood her side and told her “No. You were not wrong I guess. You did what you felt like doing. You were being considerate and being nice and human. But yes the guilt isn’t inappropriate either because you wanted to do it initially. You probably should not have gone ahead if it wasn’t mutual. The moment you realised that there wasn’t the chemistry you had anticipated, you should have backed out immediately. The bed wasn’t your stage to perform such a thing. Somewhere if he was emotional, you were playing with his mind and that for me doesn’t go down well ethically.”

She looked at me with those hopeful eyes and whispered, “You are right. I should not have hit the bed as I was meeting him for the first time. I felt I was conducting a practice session on myself.” What? The shock was evident on my face. She understood that gasp well, blinked both her eyes, immediately took hold of my hand and said “Yes, but please don’t tell this to anyone in my family. I beg you please!”

“I won’t” I assured her. We ended our conversation there. She had turned extremely confident and suave at the same time. I could feel that she was taking back a lot from this experience. She now knew what not to do while dating anyone at least. She gives me full credit for this confidence even today and I have no clue why. She keeps thanking me because she thinks anyone in my place would have judged her, abandoned her. 


Manas and Roli still meet sometimes and with my advice obviously, she has told Manas everything. This is also because Manas kept showing more interest in getting physically intimate with her again. She ignored it initially but one fine day, she gathered the courage to tell him the truth. Manas did not for a second get upset, instead his heart reached out to her for a more meaningful friendship.

Roli thought in today’s day and age, knowing this kind of an understanding man, who was being dumped and almost insulted, was next to impossible. She felt relieved and started respecting him even more.

Roli once messaged me saying, “The cherry on the cake is that Manas was also amazing in giving a back massage. My literal gateway of being relieved.” She was actually rewarded for not ‘coming’ at the right time with the wrong guy.

They are now the best of friends.

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Author's Note:

I shared this incident as a story only for some of us to look deep within ourselves. What goes around within us as individuals, as friends, as someone who gets frustrated with time and situations around and land up doing things that can completely be a game changer. For Roli, it so happened that one episode made her more giving, more mature and more understanding in life. It helped her shed inhibitions and made her less judgmental. Let’s remind ourselves of that one story and narrate it to ourselves today. Things that left a mark on your memory, on your heart, on your consciousness, something that made you a bit uncomfortable yet changed you for good. Let loose, get easy with life and smile at what happened.