This Is Exactly How Every Indian Girl Secretly Feels

Jyoti Chandok Vermani Jyoti Chandok Vermani in Stolen Diaries on 9 January, 2017

 I doubt,

When I say don’t worry I will be fine, I doubt!

“Relax mom 10 more minutes and I will be home don’t worry I will be safe." 
Oh ho bhaiya he is my colleague it is safe to drink with him,
Come on dad, it’s ok if I chose to wear a skirt, the environment is changing now,
I will be ok.
I doubt making these statements.


I doubt when I am alone in a parking lot,
I doubt when a colleague offers me a lift after late working hours,
I doubt when a stranger walks beside me on an empty street,
doubt when I am alone in a public transport,

I doubt when I share a taxi with strangers,
I doubt when my boss showers unexpected favours,
I doubt when my younger sister does not reach home on time,
I doubt when I board a bus at an odd time,

I doubt while enjoying with my friends wearing the clothes of my choice or sharing drinks,

I doubt when a random guy approaches me in a party,
I doubt when I am alone in a lift and the building’s security guard follows,
I doubt when I am alone at home and my neighbour rings the door bell,

I doubt when a close relative visits home and showers love,

I doubt when my brother’s friend asks me to go out with him, I doubt!

“I” an Indian girl doubt my security.