Dear Chote: I Know You're A Busy Man Now But Please Come Back Home For Your Di

Anonymous Anonymous in Stolen Diaries on 10 September, 2018

Hello Chote! I hope this letter finds you well.

I know you are a busy 'man' now... you might not have ample amount of time to even read this, but I just want to tell you baby that I miss you. I miss you each time I visit our room, when I see your shoe rack empty again. I have no one to yell at and your side of the room is not messy any more.

I miss you when maa serves your favourite dish, when our favourite movie is on air, when I have no one around to tease me or disturb me, especially when I am busy.

I still have my crazy shopping demands, untimely food cravings, fight for the ice-cream. I don't have anyone to do it with, and it makes me feel so alone. It feels like an essential part of my life is missing.

Dad an di never show it, but when dad has no one to fight for the remote, he misses you. When he does not actually want to drive, when he has no one to beat in your crazy 'Bournvita races', no one to share clothes and watches with... he misses you. He is proud of you... but we all miss you... we love you chote.

This is the hard fact, trust me. We have a tough time adjusting with your job routines. It makes us sad when you are not around. You are the charm of our home.

It's been a long time since we all spent 4-5 days in a row without those silly cell phones, interrupting phone calls and without being hijacked by work stress. Please come back for a few days and we'll have the best time of our lives. I promise to make it memorable. I just want a few more memorable moments from time to time, so I can treasure it for the rest of my life. Maybe this can make it easy for all of us to stay connected.


You'll always have work for the rest of your life. Come chote- maa often cries seeing your pictures, she cries for a whole week after your one phone call, she cooks yummy food as always on your birthday but her heart sinks realizing that you are not around, not even for a video call.

Find time for yourself, baby, and please find time for us, for life. Don't do anything which you regret later on.

Come baby, me and di are all set for the ice-cream fight!

I hope you realize and find some time to live a life full of happiness and emotions, than being just a robot who is programmed to work for 24 hours every day.

We love you chote!
See you soon!

Your sister.

Editor's Note:

Middle-class families work especially hard to earn a living to keep each other happy, to give their parents and siblings a life that they've always dreamed of. Please share this story to acknowledge what price this comes with.