Dear Children, This Is How I Didn't Meet Your Mother

Anonymous Anonymous in Stolen Diaries on 2 August, 2017

"Dad, dad please tell us how you met mom
Was it in a college? Concert? Or in a dorm?
How'd you two fall in love? How'd you get to know each other?
Come on dad tell us right away or we're going to ask mother."

Okay children calm down, let me tell you the story you've never heard before,
But before I start Pooja honey could you please shut the door?
And Aditya could you sit down with your sister and just hear what I say,

I still remember the first time I saw your mother, I'll never forget that day.

It was a fest in our college, it was a crazy atmosphere,
People from different colleges came, even your mom was here,
I still remember how by her beauty I was dumbstruck,
Meeting her was in my fate, it was in my luck.

Her beauty was  shining  from the inside out,
It was flowing like a journey down a long route.
Her ocean blue eyes in a twilight dark sky sparkled like the stars,
Her voice was like a sweet melody played on a guitar.

Her midnight black hair flowed through her shoulders,
Looking at her beauty, each moment got colder.
Her luscious red lips resembled the Cupid's bow,

Any one would fall in love with her before they'd know it. 

I went upto her and asked for a dance,
She said she'd love to give me a chance.
After a little bit of flirting and a little romance, 
We decided to meet again next week, we'd already made plans.

We exchanged our numbers and used to text all day all night.
From good morning's to the good night's, everything just felt so right.

Before we were aware, by the Cupid we were shot.

We were running on each other's mind all the time , we were in each other's thoughts.

We dated for 5 years and then I proposed to her under the Eiffel tower in Paris, 
I asked her the question and she answered it with a kiss.
She said yes.
That's how I made her my princess.


Suddenly my friend barged in.
Looked at me with a sarcastic grin.
And asked me whom  was I talking to,

That's when I realized none of this was true.

I didn't have any children with her,
Nor was I married.
I'm living my greatest fear,
Oh what heavy burden I've carried.

All of this was just a figment of my vivid imagination,
All of it was nothing but a hallucination.
But then I had to come to accept the reality, 
She was never and will never be with me.

She ended up marrying her lover,
Because she wasn't in love with me.
This is how my reverie came to an end,

I was, am and will always just be her friend.