This Is Exactly What Loneliness Feels Like: It's Dark And It Makes You Cry

Atoofa Khushnood Atoofa Khushnood in Stolen Diaries on 20 January, 2017

In the darkness of the night,
When there is no light.
Lying on my bed,
I remember the days we had.

The memories mesmerize me,
And my lips get a smile of glee.
Soon after my heart starts sinking,

Realizing that nothing is real but only my thinking.

I feel like a lonely bird sitting on a tree,
Flapping my wings and wanting to be free.
But I realize that I cannot fly anymore,
Because my wings are no more.

Jumping from one memory to another,
I remember the days we spent together.
It sinks my heart further,
And feels like I went through a cold blooded murder.

I again switch to another day, 

When we had a lot to say.

Not allowing each other to speak,

Shouting and yelling at our peak.

I then come back to the reality,
The dark night and no light.
Lying on my bed,
A million tears I shed. 

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