What It REALLY Means To Be An Independent Woman

Smriti Mahale Smriti Mahale in Stolen Diaries on 6 March, 2017

Don't just celebrate womanhood, but celebrate being an independent woman.

Read. Learn. Relearn. Unlearn. Cook. Flirt. Romance life.
Wear that purple shade on your lips, and colour your nails with the lemon yellow.
Smile at people who call you weird.

Go, order the latest designer apparel from the streets of Paris.
Adorn that bandhani pallu over your head, adjust your toe rings and see if the kumkum is applied properly.
Take the blessings of your mother-in-law.


Go, give that business presentation to over a crowd of hundred in the auditorium.
Slap the guy in the metro who forces himself on you.
Fight for your own safety.

Iron his favourite shirt, bake the cookies he loves, leave a note saying he means the world to you and you love him.

Refuse to do his laundry, make the sambar a bit spicy, the way he hates it.
Sulk and tell him his harsh words break your heart.

Tell them you want to do that one more educational degree.

Tell them you want to quit your job and start your own business.

Tell them you are too young to get married.
Tell them you are old enough to choose your own life partner.
Tell them you are not yet ready to bear a child.

Tell them you are willing to be a single mother.

Tell them you need to be independent.
Financially, emotionally and socially.

Don't just dream. DARE.

Take responsibilities. Take risks.
Learn. Unlearn. Relearn.

Be the woman you want to be,

In all your variations,
In all your varieties.

Editor's Note:

Women empowerment is not about forcing a woman to be a certain way in terms of education and her career, it's about freedom to be what she wants to be. Please share this poem with every woman you know, to tell her that she's perfect as long as she's being able to just be herself.