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And I Blushed When He Said, “You Look Beautiful When You Leave Your Hair Loose Like That!”

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Almost all of us have been deceived by someone or the other in our lives. Partners are no longer loyal to each other. Every second person out there has been through a heartbreak. Breakups create broken lives. And sometimes societal norms create barriers in love. Two souls cannot freely express their love to each other because of such barriers.

Yet, some stories do have a happy ending.

I am a Jaat girl. I was born and brought up in Delhi. Most typical Jaat families have to follow a strict set of rules.

But my parents loved me enough to give me all the freedom that I yearned for. In fact, I knew that they loved me more than my younger brother.

We faced quite a few financial crunches initially. But my mother is an excellent homemaker. We could pass through our most difficult phase only because we loved one another so much.

I am an average looking girl. But I am very romantic at heart. I never showed this to the outside world because I did not want to let my family down in any way. I got into several relationships when I was a teenager. But none of these relationships lasted for long.

The boy I fell in love with first, left me with a broken heart because I was not quick enough to respond to his love.

I then fell in love with another guy. We kept in touch with each other for three years. And all through these three years, I hoped he was really interested in me. He then got into the army. So now we could talk to each other only once a week. Sometimes we spoke to each other only once in a fortnight. I was loyal to him. But he did not tell me that he loved me even after three years.

I then realized that maybe he was not really very interested in me. I assumed that men found it difficult to express their love to their loved ones.

I went through a lot of ups and downs after this.

I longed to be loved by someone.

I then finally met a tall, smart, interesting guy. We had been in a relationship only for two months when I realized that he had started abusing me. One day, he wrote me a long message. He stopped talking to me for several days after this. So I decided that I would never get back to him.

He was the last person that I loved. I felt I was finally free from the bond of love. I did not have the courage to go through any more upheavals in my life. I felt as if I had been set free – to enjoy my life finally. I would no longer get hurt.

But the next boy who came into my life was extraordinary. Initially, he came across as a very ordinary boy to me. Sushant (I have changed his name here) sent me a friend request on Facebook. He was in the navy. I had always loved the way defence personnel led their lives. I felt they always carried themselves with pride. I respected their lifestyle and appreciated their romantic attitude.

Sushant was a guy with average looks. But he was keenly interested in me. I had just finished appearing for my semester exams. I was taking a much-needed break at home. I too started responding to him eagerly.

I sensed that there was something different about him. He was definitely interested in me but he did not stalk me on social media. In time, I grew fond of him. He also seemed to have developed a liking for me.

One day, Sushant insisted that we meet. I was reluctant to do so but finally gave in to his wishes. We had decided to meet at Saket. I reached there on time but he was late.

But when I saw him for the first time, I could feel the magic in the air. I was very conscious of myself. But he was very confident about himself.

We watched a movie and then had our dinner. I had kept my hair clutch on the table while we were having our dinner. When we finished our dinner, I realized that my hair clutch was missing.

I was searching for it when Sushant looked at me and said, “You look good when you leave your hair loose like that.”

After we had our dinner, I dropped him at the metro station. I was just about to leave when he extended his hand towards me. He had something in his hand. He asked me to open his fist. I did so…and found my hair clip in his palm.

He then said, “You look good when you leave your hair loose.” I could feel myself blushing at that time.

We have never looked back after that day. We don’t really meet very often because he is in the merchant navy. He is away from home for six months.

But the love that we have for each other has only grown stronger. It has also brought us closer to each other.

We have been together for four years now. We have decided to get married on the date that we first met. Our families too have supported our decisions. Yes, we did go through a lot of ups and downs in our relationship too but Sushant has always stood by me. His love for me is obvious. My perspectives on life have changed for the better after meeting him. I know that he appreciates the beauty of my soul.

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