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An Indian Bride Doesn't Get Two Homes After Marriage, She Gets A New Family With New Rules

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*For representational purpose only.

A Daughter Has Come


Here comes the day he was waiting for since days
His daughter is visiting home, his happy face conveys

With delighted heart and blissful eyes
He’s busy making preparations of her choice

Talking about his daughter so dear
His eyes getting wet with memories so clear

He reaches the station hours before the train
“When will she come” repeating again and again

Finally seeing her in front of his eyes
Overwhelmed with happiness his heart cries
Caressed her head and patted her face

This is the only way his love he displays

“It’s been months you last visited” he complained
“You have grown so weak” he exclaimed

“Let’s go home your mom is waiting”
“Since morning all your favorite dishes she is preparing”

Remembering her school days when they went home together

A tear welled up in his eyes thinking why she can't be the same forever

For meeting her ‘old’ parents, she has come
For revisiting her ‘old’ self, she has come

Seeking permission from her ‘new’ family
A daughter has come to see her ‘old’ family.

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