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We Do Street Plays To Create Awareness: This Is Our Story

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I am Nizamuddin Shah, an actor, director, and writer. I am the founder of Young Creative Production, previously known as Jannat Media Production. My partner and I own this production house, and we mainly focus on street plays.

My brother is India’s first ballet dancer, and we have our family biography film on Netflix, called ‘Yeh Ballet’. I have worked as an actor in that film.

Tanvi Patankar is the co-founder of Young Creative Production, who has also directed the documentary ‘Ekta Khan’, which is co-produced by a well-known Bollywood personality Sapna Bhavnani, this was made on female directors and more than 60 women across Mumbai were interviewed during the making of this film.

When we founded this production house in 2011, our motto was to keep the youth engaged in arts through street plays and bring value to aspiring artists in India. Change in society comes with the change in the mindset of the people and our street plays can rightly achieve that goal. We believe our street plays can stir up emotions, create awareness and bring a positive change.

We have also been awarded as Janjagran Samman in 2019 for creating social and health awareness. We have performed more than 10,000 plays on social causes across Maharashtra. Our team has trained more than 200 children from several slums and villages of Maharashtra. We also encourage underground artists and give them a platform to showcase their skills.

We bring kids from the slums who are mentally disturbed with drugs and bad influences and divert their minds. We support them mentally and financially through street play through their daily bread and butter. We support mentally disturbed kids and girls from the slums who are involved in tailoring, Mehendi designing, tutoring, clothes selling, etc. and some involved guys involved in wiring, drilling roads, car cleaners etc. We train underprivileged girls in self-defence training through street play.

We train them in arts to divert their minds from the unfriendly situations of life, and now without being addicted to drugs, they live a normal life. We want to help them with basic needs and create awareness about the campaigns which can give them a new and better life.

Some of our initiatives are based on-

Education: Importance of Education in the Indian society "Awareness Through Education" that looks at disabilities (physical, intellectual, and medical) as part of the human experience and encourages accepting others who may look, learn, or behave differently from what is familiar to us.

Drugs: Targeting young people with messages about illicit drug use that focus on the prevention of use and associated harm.

Child Labor: Poverty is the main reason for child labor. In underprivileged families, children have no choice but to work to provide for themselves and their relatives. They represent a docile, cheap labor force for many areas of activity such as agriculture, brickyards, or even factories.

Domestic Violence: Abusive behavior manifests in several ways, ranging from sexual and physical abuse seen in teen dating and marriages to school bullying and hate crimes against the LGBTQ community.

Swachh Bharat: Importance of keeping the areas clean in terms of sanitation, hygiene & your surroundings.

Corona: Keeping social distancing, sanitizing, and use of mask and gloves during Covid times.

Periods: A humble step towards shame-free and pain-free menstruation.

Rape: Sexual assault can be verbal, visual, or anything that forces a person to join in unwanted sexual contact or attention.

Plastic: Plastic pollution is one of the most serious environmental problems affecting the surroundings.

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao: To help remove gender-based discrimination and elimination. Protect the girl child and provide the girl child with education and enabling her participation.

Save Water: Public water conservation campaigns raise awareness in all levels of society about the importance of saving water to cope with its scarcity and ensure sustainability. The aim is to change citizen attitudes and behaviour to improve water use efficiency.

Save Trees: We should understand the importance of trees in our lives and do our best to save trees to save a life, save the environment on the earth. If proper awareness is spread amongst people about saving trees, then the earth can live a healthy and clean life for the coming years.

We have been working on social and health issues to bring awareness to society through our plays. We have covered about 50 plus subjects and are still working on it to bring awareness through street plays. We are working in the pandemic situation on corona street plays to create awareness among the people as well. 

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