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I Was On The Traditional Path Of Marriage And Kids Until I Realized I Had Wings To Fly And Now I Am Unstoppable

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Born into a highly educated, well-to-do family in Ahmedabad, I was pampered by my parents and siblings. I have always been passionate about fashion and modeling – yet, could not pursue my dreams, as the profession wasn’t considered acceptable. So, I went with the traditional route and studied Biotechnology instead!!  

At 24, I was married and moved to Delhi. And at 25, I was a mother to a son. A daughter followed, and by 30, I was a mom of two!   Here I was, a young mother trying to make a mark for myself - personally and professionally.

I continued to work - and also did MBA and B.Ed through this while. When my daughter was barely 3, I started a consulting firm - handling recruitments and soft skill training for BPOs. Sold the firm off in 2012 and joined as the Marketing Head of a Publishing firm. However, somewhere deep within, the child in me never gave up on the childhood dream. I still harboured a passion for fashion & styling – and nurtured the dream of turning into a model.

So, I the kickass woman, breaking all possible conventional norms, started the Instagram journey at the age of 45. Coming from a progressive family and instilling the same modern values in my children my family stood by my idea and motivated me to achieve my dream. I decided to choose fashion even though I had no formal training but was confident enough that I could pull this off. It came naturally to me.

My son, by then, had already finished his graduation. In 2017 I had a personal account with minimum followers where I used to post and put my panache and enlightening words of wisdom in the caption. And a year later I learned I could monetize this and it could be a business opportunity. I studied this social media industry for almost a year as I had not much knowledge of the way it functions.

In 2019, I officially used Instagram for business and the rest is history! I started gaining a lot of fan following with the unique content of sari draping skills and styling advice. I am redefining how you look at fashion- especially the traditional hand-loomed sarees and, most importantly, life.

My connection to the hand-loomed sarees come from the women in Bihar, especially my mother, sister-in-law, grandmother they always wear sarees not on occasions but daily and that's how the culture of handwoven sarees with every type of material like Khadi, tangai, kasavu, have become an integral part of me and my closet and apart from that since I am above 40, I find no value in promoting western wear.

A Saree is more than just a piece of long cloth to clad in. It has raised its status to make a power pact presence which is now internationally felt. There’s no doubt here that a woman in saree makes quite a statement – be it Aishwarya Rai donning it for her first appearance at the Cannes or Mother Teresa in her simple white, working for the betterment of the underprivileged.

Also, sarees specially handlooms once are so easy to handle, you can do all your daily chores and this is the reason I stuck to the basics. I maintain the authenticity of the beautiful sarees by having it handpicked directly from the creators of it – handloom weavers.  

3 years down, I am a much-in-demand fashion influencer, entrepreneur, and blogger, setting Instagram on fire with a whopping 60000+ followers! It's about my life, my courage, my connections, and what it took to realize that I have got wings to fly. It is the story of a child who refused to grow up and renounce these sweet dreams.

One must work towards building a strong foundation for themselves through creating impactful relationships and carving out a sustainable career as these are two vital elements that remain throughout a lifetime.

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