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When I was 9 My ‘Sweet Uncle’ Taught Me A Game That Broke Me For Life

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*For representational purpose only.
My aunt’s husband was my favorite when I was nine. He came home frequently and always got me chocolates. I was so fond of him until that one day.

We were both sitting on the sofa watching our favorite program on television when he suddenly kissed me on my cheek. I didn’t feel awkward about it till he slowly lifted my right leg and kept it on his lap. This disturbed me. He told me he is going to make me happy.

The next thing I know, his hand was under my skirt. I tried to stop him but he asked me to stay still, telling me repeatedly that this won’t be painful at all and it will make me extremely happy. He slowly put his fingers inside my underwear again and rubbed it hard. I felt a tickling sensation as I was completely unaware of his intentions. 

He told me we’ll play a fun game in which we’ll watch a movie together and then we have to do what the actors are doing in the movie. He was my favorite uncle, how could I saw no to a fun game?

He made me watch porn at the age of nine. When I asked him what these people were doing, he said it’s part of the game, to see who makes the other person happier.

As he explained to me the rules of the game, he sat on the floor, unwrapping a chocolate candy. He lifted both my legs, placed them on his shoulders, removed my underwear and started to move closer. When I resisted by trying to kick him away, he told me if I didn’t let him play the game or told my parents about it, he will kill my younger brother who was only 4.

He placed the chocolate cube between my legs and started to lick it. I wish my parents were there to hear my silent screams. My parents really trusted him and often left my little brother and me alone with this human monster.

This became a routine. Whenever I tried to tell my parents, he blackmailed me. Then one fine day, he left our place only to return after a few days. My parents now had night duties so they decided to leave us alone with our ‘sweet uncle.’ I wish my parents could read the fear in my eyes but they failed. 

As soon as my brother slept, my uncle said he will feed me chocolates. He lifted me up and made me sit on his shoulders so that my body was pressing against his dirty mouth. He repeated what he had done to me earlier.. All night. I cried and begged him to let me go. I told him I’ll puke but he blackmailed me again. I swallowed my tears and never stopped him. Then he left for Delhi 2 days later. 

I pretended to be normal. I never told my parents about him. As year passed, I somehow became normal. Then one day, when I was 14, that jerk came back to my life. One afternoon, when I returned from school, he was sitting in my house. He asked me if I still remembered the game. I ignored him and started walking towards my brother's room. He told me nobody is home. He pulled me towards himself and kissed my neck.

I screamed and asked him to let me go, he said, “don’t you love your family?” I froze. I let him lift my uniform. It was hurting. The game that was meant to make me happy, broke me down completely. I became a machine. 

When the doorbell rang, he asked me to go to the washroom. When I came out of the washroom, my father noticed that I was walking differently. But how could I tell him the truth? That his little princess was a sex toy to this ‘sweet uncle’. 

He is no more now, I think karma took away his life.

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