When I Confessed My Love To Him, He Blackmailed Me Into Having Sex With Him Daily

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 29 April, 2018

I was 19 when I left home and got married.

I was brought up in a well-to-do family and but I had very strict parents.

My heart fell for a guy when I shifted to co-ed school for my higher secondary.

He happened to be a good-looking guy but I never disclosed my feelings to him. We became friends and my best friends used to tease me about him.

I told her that on coming Friday, I would confess my love to him and she got all excited. Friday arrived and we planned to meet at a café. My best friend was eagerly waiting for him outside the coffee shop.

What followed next was something that changed my life forever.

I gathered some courage and told him that I loved him but on hearing that, he pushed me away and started shouting at him.

He yelled that we girls only eye on good-looking boys and once we are done sleeping around, we forget them.

My best friend and I immediately left the place as I couldn’t stop crying. On reaching home, I got a call from him and he said sorry. I was shocked again. He was being sorry for insulting me in the middle of the road, but because he didn’t have sex with me.

My heart went thumping and he told me that if I really loved him, then I would allow him to love me too.

And since I did love him, I went ahead and agreed to whatever he had to say.

I was just a puppet for him. He used me and blackmailed me by saying that if I regretted any of it he would do suicide. So I was doing with him almost every day.

I used to cry a lot but was completely helpless. One day, I visited my aunt’s place where I met another guy who happened to be my far away cousin. He was in love with me since the time we were just 10.

I randomly asked him if he really loved me and my heart melted upon hearing a big yes. But he was dark-skinned and that’s why I never liked him.

But that day, I realised I was wrong to judge a person by their looks and not by their heart. After dating him for almost a year, he asked me for marriage and I said yes.

Next year, we got married. I tried to tell him my story of the past with that weird guy but he refused to listen to it. He believed that it was a past thing and we should move on with it. He didn’t want me to get sad thinking about the past.

I told him that I loved him, and till today, he never bothered me for my past. He loved me truly.

I am happy and blessed to be with him. 

For those who are wondering where the first guy went, there’s a little twist in the story.

My husband found out about him before our marriage and warned him to stay away from me.

I came to know about it when I accidentally met him in the supermarket and he apologized sincerely this time and told me about the scene with my husband.

Some people really have a golden heart and I am lucky to find one.
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