When He Beat Me, I Brought It On; When I Retaliated I Became A Murderer

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 31 May, 2020

I was married with the person of my choice through a marriage site.

My parents met his parents and both said yes to this marriage. After 2-3 months of our roka, I realized that there was a small fight between my father and his father and I got to know that his father had made a big issue out of nothing. Regardless, soon we got married.

On the day of wedding my husband fought with my father due to his problem with my uncle. After marriage he would taunt me that my father fights everywhere. He would claim that my father had no sense. He would even abuse my father for that.

What was my mistake? He fought with me on silly house issues like when will I be able to do work for home. His grandmother was the one who filled his ears against me. I cried a lot because of his bad words but wouldn't tell my parents.

Suddenly, after one month of marriage I got pregnant. Things changed. I would get mood swings and would not be able to work due to pregnancy issues. My mother-in-law would taunt me everyday till this lead to distancing my husband from me.

He started an extra-marital affair just after the birth of our son.

I got to know after 4 months.. I was shattered. Meanwhile I was also suffering from postpartum depression. He ended his affair for the sake of our child but his family abused me daily saying that your love was not there, that's why our son had an affair. How can a pregnant lady have intercourse? Even after the baby is born, it's not permitted for at least 42 days.

In between he had an affair. It shattered my heart. I slid more into depression. I haven't told my parents about his mis deeds as they are not financially strong to take me away from this situation. He started physical abuse after that. It became a daily affair.

Finally, a day came when I replied back to his slap and abuse and suddenly my hand hit his nose and his nose started bleeding. He complained to police that his wife wants to kill him. His parents asked my parents to take me away but I refused.

How can people do this to their daughter in-law? She leaves everything for just one person, that is her husband. What if he betrays and abuses her physically? What is she doesn't have the option to go to her parents house due to their financial issues? Where does she go with a 10 month old child?

Editor's Note:

The need of the hour is to empower our daughters, not just through education, but also through emotions. We need to raise them with a much better sense of self worth than we do. They need to understand that their partner's mistakes are their own and they aren't the reason for it, nor should they harbor the guilt for it. We need to do better.