Our Parents Have No Idea We're In Love But They're Getting Us Married

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 6 September, 2017

It was the start of the new year when I met my Kabir on a social networking site. It so happened that he sent me a friend request that I accepted immediately.

I have to admit that though I didn't know him in person, his looks forced me to accept his request. He was too hot to handle. Slowly, we started chatting with each other that went on to exchanging numbers, thus, leading to phone calls.

We started developing feelings for each other in no time, since we were similar in so many ways. Within a week, our conversation shifted to sex. Soon, we decided to meet and spend quality time together. That's where our life took a turn. He came to pick me up from work.

On our way, we hugged and kissed each other. Soon, we went to a hotel and booked a room. As soon as we entered the room, our bodies came in union and our lips met each other. In no time, we were naked and were exploring each other. We enjoyed each bit of it and that was the best feeling ever.

We both had a past which we told each other about, but our love wasn't influenced by anything but just us. With each meeting, our love grew stronger and we found out that we were made for each other. Neither of our parents knew that we were dating each other. As I was done with my work, my parents came up with the question of my marriage. I was afraid since I loved him, and I couldn't stay away from him.

I was taken aback when my parents asked me if I wanted to marry Kabir!

I couldn't express my happiness but all that I could do was thank god. I instantly said yes! Soon after that, our families met without any hint of us being in a relationship. Now, next year we are getting married and I'm very excited about it.

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