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We Met 18 Years Later And We Couldn't Give Up This Opportunity Again

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Everything was going smoothly until I saw him on social media. I am a happily married woman with one kid. Life was full with just my daily business. But what is one's daily business without social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp?

One day he sent me a request on Facebook. He was a guy I went to school with. We had a soft corner for each other. Our eyes could reveal any number of stories you ask for, but our words were still made of silence.

Woh kehte hain na ki life ka pehla pyaar...

But as always, time flies. Years and years went by. We had no contact. So I was very excited and happy when I saw his friend request. I accepted that without delaying even for seconds. We liked each other's pictures and sometimes left a comment also, but didn't talk or chat.

From one of his posts, I came to know about his marriage anniversary. So I decided to wish him on messenger. I sent him a message and he replied instantly. We started talking to each other by remembering old times. We both confessed that we both had feelings and we imagined that we could be together forever.

That was when I experienced a true and fluttering pleasure. He asked to share my number with him, just in case we ever felt like talking to each other. Soon, we had each other's numbers and we started talking to each other. And that is where things didn't stop.

We shared each and everything about our life with each other. I felt on top of the world when I talked to him. His life was very busy but somehow he managed to talk to me when he got the time.

Once he asked to meet me and I invited him to my place when my husband and kid were not there. We spent some special alone time with each other. I felt complete when he kissed me. We could not stop ourselves from loving each other.

Yes, you got it right... but we had no control on our emotions. Neither of us wanted to lose this beautiful opportunity that presented itself to us after so many years.

Life is now like this only. He's a very busy man. He's busy in his life and he does very amazing work that needs his constant attention. I usually send him a text, and sometimes, not always, he replies.

Look, I know he's very busy but I don't really know if I'm a priority for him. We still meet once in a while and I can't quite shake off the feeling of insecurity that lingers in my heart.

We both know that we can't be together forever but I can't prevent my mind from falling in love with him over and over again. I don't know how much longer we can go on like this but I can't lose him. It would hurt me more than anything else could. He was, and will always be special for me.

That's called life. Kabhi na kabhi koi life mein dobara mil hi jata hai jisse hamari poori life change ho jati hai.

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