The Guilt And The Danger Made It The Most Mind-Blowing Sex I Had In A Long Time

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 8 April, 2018

Ravi and I have been together for almost five years. He’s a great guy. I get along with his buddies and I know that my friends envy me for landing such a great guy.

I was in love with him from the beginning. I’m still nuts about him and we enjoy positively Olympic sex sometimes.

But we know each other so well now that on most days, it’s a quick romp in the bed before we fall asleep. It was due to this boredom and need for adventure that I made a big mistake.

About a year ago, Ravi switched companies. The new job meant more money, a better designation and a lot of socialising and travelling. Things were great until I met his boss, Manav. Instantly, there were sparks. I knew he was a womanizer, having heard enough stories of his conquests from Ravi. But I couldn’t help feeling attracted to him.

He was tall, well-spoken, outrageously flirtatious and at least 10 years older. At 24, it was thrilling to be wanted by a man like Manav.

We exchanged numbers and parted. I didn’t really think much of it because I never expected to act on the attraction. And I was feeling guilty enough about thinking about another man, Ravi’s boss at that!

A couple of weeks later, Ravi went to Delhi for a week. The day after he left, Manav wrote to me on Facebook. He played just the right cards… if he had called me, I may not have taken the call out of guilt. But writing back didn’t seem so bad.

Bit by bit, he lowered my defences. And before the end of the week, we met for dinner.

I told myself that it was going to be a platonic dinner and I would be home before Ravi’s regular phone call at 11 pm. But the moment we met, I knew I had been kidding myself. He hugged me tightly, his hands roaming my back and leaving no doubt in my mind about how the evening would end if he could have it his way.

I could blame it on the wine, but I know I’d be lying to myself. All through dinner, Manav held my hand and I let him. When he proposed a nightcap at his place, I agreed.

We were out of our clothes and on his bed within two minutes of reaching his house.

The guilt and the danger made it the most mind-blowing sex I had in a long time. It was 6 am when I reached home. And although the guilt was eating away at me, my body was humming with the pleasure of that night. Ravi was returning only the next day, and so Manav came over that evening. He left our house only an hour before Ravi returned.

With Ravi came the guilt that I had been trying so hard to ignore. I decided there was no point in telling him what I’d done and resolved never to repeat my mistake. But Manav wasn’t so easy to shake off.

Ravi’s trips became more frequent and each time, Manav would land on my doorstep. It was impossible to resist him.

Our affair continued for seven months until Manav quit his job and moved cities. Ravi and I are going to get married next year, and he still doesn’t know. It scares me to think of what he’ll do if he ever finds out. The fear is killing me, but I can’t risk losing him. I still can’t quite believe I cheated on him!
Editor's Note:

Whoever said that "all is fair in love" was clearly lying. Love can be unfair, but you can share this story if you agree that lust has no rules.