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The Girl I Loved Left Me For Another Guy: It’s Been 3 Years And I Still Can’t Get Over Her

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I don't understand why the hell people talk so much when they don't have the heart to fight for it. Yeah! I loved you. And somewhere deep down in my heart, I still do. You helped me in a hell lot of ways. You showed me how beautiful this feeling could be. I will give all this but the reason and the way you left me has nullified all the good that you ever did to me. Trust me on this.

I am a man and I won't shy away from the fact that she has left me heartbroken. And in such a way that it has left a huge scar.

Why do these quotes, poems, notes, tiny tales portray boys as chauvinists and girls as victims. The opposite of what is being said is prevalent in our time. So, you came into my life when I had expected it and became such a big part of it that my days started and my nights ended with you. 

The first meeting, the letters, the scarf, the t-shirt, the wait, 29th Jan, me missing my flight, staying back at your place. Everything is so vivid in my mind as if it happened just yesterday. I cherish those moments. 

But what did you do? Leave me for someone else just because it was more convenient for you. I know that distance was an issue; Chennai and Kolkata, for students, is very far. But what happened to all those promises? The 'we will make this relation work' talks? 

By the time you went back on your own words, I had made you a big part of my life. But what did you do? Left me for some other guy.

You didn’t even tell me the real story. You lied to me that your father had slapped you and threatened to throw you out of the house. But I got to know the truth from your friends. I can never forget those 3-4 months when I roamed around like a corpse, cried in front of my friends. You killed me from within, leaving just my body alive.

And the worst part is that I still am not over you. It has been 3 whole years and I still read our old chats, check your photos, keep asking your friends about you.

I am so mad at you but even now you matter a lot to me. You will always be a part of my life, I still don't know why.

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