She Was Married But We Still Had The Best Sex Of Our Lives

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It happened 10 years ago. I was going to the USA on an official trip. My family had come to drop me at the airport. As I was speaking to my parents, my eyes fell on a girl who was getting out of a cab. She was tall, beautiful and dusky. I noticed her briefly and continued my conversation with my parents.

Then I went inside the airport, took my boarding pass and headed towards the check-in. And there she was, standing in the queue.

I watched her from the corner of my eye and noticed that she wasn’t too curvy but had ample flesh to make you admire her beauty.

Her hair was untied and she wore a blue and white striped T-shirt over jeans. The clothes fit every inch of her body to perfection. She took her boarding pass and proceeded towards the gate. I finished the check-in and proceeded to my gate, all the while thinking about her.

When I saw her seated near my gate, I was excited. I went and sat in front of her.

As there was another hour till the boarding, I began surfing on my laptop. A while later, I heard a sweet voice and raised my head to see her standing in front of me. She asked if she could check her email because it was urgent. I happily gave her my laptop. We exchanged formal greetings and I discovered that she was traveling to the same place as me.

When the boarding announcement was made, we boarded the flight and settled in our respective seats. I spent my time watching movies till the flight halted at the stopover. While waiting at the stopover, she came to me and started talking. I realized that she was bored.

As we chatted, I discovered that she was married. Then, to my surprise, she asked the person sitting next to me if they could swap seats. I was happy to have her company for the rest of the journey.

Till that time, I didn’t have any sexual thoughts for her.

We chatted for some time, watched a movie and she fell asleep. Her head was resting on my shoulder and I could feel her silky smooth hair and smell its mild scent.

I admired her beauty and lightly touched her face. Realizing what I’d done, I turned away.

She woke up after an hour for lunch. We had our lunch and continued chatting. After some time, she said she was sleepy. I asked her if she could go to her seat and sleep.

When she asked me the reason, I confessed that I was smitten by her beauty.

She smiled but didn’t go to her seat. She went back to sleep and I also took a nap. We woke up at our destination and exchanged our email ids before leaving.

After a couple of weeks, I was getting bored and decided to drop her an email to know her whereabouts and how she was doing. She replied saying that she was bored because she didn't have any friends. She sent me her hotel address, which was 5 miles away from mine.

I thought of giving her a surprise and went to meet her without informing.

When I knocked on the room door, she was surprised to see me. She wore a loose t-shirt and shorts and was preparing her lunch. She invited me inside and I helped her in making the food.

We had lunch and spoke about several things. I asked about her family and she said that she’d been married for 2 years and her husband was a manager with a firm.

She spoke about him for a while and it appeared that they were happy together.

As she spoke, I couldn’t stop looking at her. She was lying on the bed while I was sitting on the chair near the window. The light from the window made her face look radiant. Her hair was tied and her smile was beautiful. She had not worn a bra and I could see her skin through the t-shirt. Her shorts were only till her thighs.

She sensed that I was watching her and covered her legs with the bed sheet. She gave me a smile but I was embarrassed.

She asked about my life, work, and hobbies. In the meantime, she got a call from her husband and spoke to him for a while. However, she didn’t mention me.

After the call, she enquired about my plans for the rest of the day. I told her that I had no plans. She suggested that I wait back and we watch a movie together. I immediately nodded in agreement.

She took her laptop and asked if I knew any websites to watch movies. We found one site and selected a new movie. These sites have several adult content advertisements and she laughed when one popped up.

She was curious to know if I had any girlfriends and I confessed that I’d never had one.

She asked if I was a virgin and winked at me. I simply nodded. She smiled again and we started watching the movie. Both of us were lying down in the queen size bed with the laptop between us. After a while, I fell asleep without realizing it.

I woke up to find her leg rubbing mine. I didn’t open my eyes but noticed that the laptop was not between us. She was so close that I could hear her breathing. She kept caressing my legs with her toe. Mixed feelings ran through my entire body.

I turned around, pretending that I was asleep and put my hand on her stomach. She held my hand and gently started rubbing her stomach. She was still rubbing my legs and had now moved to a spooning position.

I was not hard yet but my dick was touching her ass and my hand was still on her stomach.

She was quiet for some time and I thought that she’d slept. I made the next move and placed my hand on her stomach in a way that it slid inside her t-shirt and touched her bare skin.

She jerked slightly and her breathing became heavy. But she didn’t say or do anything.

After a few minutes, I moved my hand upwards, knowing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I could finally feel the lower part of her boob. It was smooth and my hand just stayed there. But I didn’t cup her. Now, my dick had started getting hard. I didn’t have a monster size dick. It was thin and just 5.8 inches long.

I thought she won’t feel its hardness but she moved her ass closer to me and positioned herself well.

As she stroked my leg again, I took my hand and cupped her left boob. What a feeling it was! Her boob fitted perfectly into my hand and I squeezed it slightly. Then she turned towards me. I was a bit frightened now.

My hand that was on her boob was now positioned on the back near her ass. Neither of us moved for a while. I guess she was checking if I was asleep. She gently kissed my lips but I didn’t respond.

I was enjoying what she was doing and wanted to see how far she'd go. I was getting very horny.

Since I couldn’t hold her boob because of our position, I slipped my hand into her shorts and tenderly squeezed her butt. She turned swiftly and my hand touched her pussy. It was neatly shaved and completely wet.

With my eyes still shut, I ran my hand over her pussy; it was a wonderful feeling and my first experience of feeling a pussy.

I opened my eyes and kissed her passionately. I slid under her t-shirt and kissed her boobs. As I sucked them hard, my right hand slipped inside her shorts and started rubbing her pussy.

I took my time to enjoy the sight of her naked pussy.

Ultimately, I took off my clothes. My wet dick touched her thigh. We were a few minutes into the act when I suddenly stopped her.

The fact that she was married struck me hard. I knew I could get into trouble.

I told her that I was sorry and I couldn’t continue this any further. I wore my clothes and she did the same. I was about to leave when she asked me, “Am I not beautiful? Don’t you like me?” I couldn’t utter a word.

I left the room but I couldn’t stop thinking about her luscious boobs and wet pussy.

I was unable to get those images out of my head. So I went back and knocked her door. As soon as she opened it, I took her in my arms and started kissing her passionately. I shut the door with my legs and put her on the bed.

I stripped her naked and started licking her pussy like a wild dog.

She moaned with pleasure. I think I got a bit rough while eating her pussy and she pulled my heap up. Slowly, she placed it back in her pussy. This time, I licked her slowly and rhythmically. About 15 minutes later, her body shivered as she reached orgasm. She stopped me from going further.

I realized that my dick had become flaccid, as I was holding my breath and licking her pussy. I began kissing her boobs again. Then I hugged her while she showered me with kisses.

I was thoroughly enjoying her naked body, especially her pussy, as it was the first time for me.

I couldn’t stop touching it. I rubbed her wet pussy and stroked it with my finger. I inserted two fingers into her and with my fingertips bent, I caressed her in a to and fro motion while she moaned in pleasure. I moved my fingers rigorously. She was lying on the bed while I sat near her.

The sight of her closing her eyes and moaning in pleasure was so erotic.

I went and sat on a chair and made her sit on me. Again, I inserted two fingers into her and rubbed her clitoris at the same time. After about 10 minutes, she wanted me to stop but I didn’t listen to her. I licked her boobs and continued rubbing her clit in a steady motion. She squirted a white watery discharge, which fell all over my hand.

She looked into my eyes and said that she’d never experienced this before.

She kissed me passionately and I felt satisfied. I was tired now and lay on the bed holding her. After a while, she held my penis and began stroking it to make it hard. She said that it was small. I gave her a feeble smile.

But she smiled back and said, “You have given me the pleasure that a 7-inch dick could not give. And you have not even used your tool yet,” and she winked at me. My tool became semi-hard. So she took it in her mouth and licked it.

I kept watching her and my thoughts went back to how we met. I couldn’t believe that I was with her in bed.

I saw her playing with my small dick. Then she moved on top of me and inserted it inside her. I told her it’s not safe but she asked me to remove it before I could ejaculate. I was still hesitant.

She lifted her hands to knot her hair and I couldn’t help but lust after her boobs. She had small dark areolas, which made them more beautiful. She caught me gazing at her boobs and asked, “Do you like my boobs?” I replied, “I love them.”

She said that they weren’t as big as men generally desire. I told her that I preferred small and shapely boobs. My dick became flaccid again and she murmured in a sexy voice, “It doesn’t like me so it’s not becoming hard. I need to teach it a lesson.”

She took it into her mouth again and sucked it hard, pulling all the blood up. Within no time, my dick was hard enough to penetrate. Finally, I inserted it into her pussy.

Being inside her was a hypnotic feeling.

My dick shivered inside her. I started moving vigorously and within a minute, I felt that I was getting done. I took it out and ejaculated all over her stomach. Satisfied, I kissed her and went to sleep holding her.

I woke up after an hour and found her lying naked beside me. I watched her body for some time and my dick got hard again. I inserted my tool into her and she woke up and smiled. I was stroking her hard.

We tried the missionary, side and doggy positions. This time I was able to go on for 15 minutes before I came again. I held her in my arms and we spoke for a while. She asked me why had I left earlier. I explained how I felt because she was married and this was not right. She just nodded her head. I gave her a puzzled look.

She said that she had never done this with anyone other than her husband.

But she was not able to control her feelings after being away from her husband for such a long time. She had tried masturbating while on Skype with her husband but that didn’t work.

She was very horny and attracted to me because of the way I looked at her. It made her hornier.

She told me that she was leaving for India the next day. I asked her if we could meet again but she said that she loved her husband. I understood her answer. I saw the watch and realized that it was 2 a.m. She slept in my arms.

I woke up with a hard-on early in the morning. I went to the restroom and came back to see her sleeping on her stomach with her ass facing me.

The reality of not being able to meet her again made me think about sex.

I grabbed her ass and started licking it. Slowly, I moved up and licked her entire body. My dick was as hard as a rock. She took my little dick in her hand and asked me to lie down. She sat on top off me, put my dick inside her and started swaying gently.

It was a pleasurable sight as her boobs bounced against her sweaty body.

Then she turned away from me and started riding me again. The position was great as I was able to see her pussy covering my dick, which was tight within her.

About 20 minutes later, I moaned loudly and came inside her. It was a fabulous feeling. I started rubbing her clitoris but she said that her pussy felt sensitive. So I just hugged her and kept kissing her face and licking her boobs for the next 3 hours.

Late morning, we had breakfast and I dropped her to the airport.

Before she left, I asked again if we could be friends. But all she said was, “I love my husband.”

It’s been 3 years since that night. I have her email id but I’ve never contacted her because I respect her.

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