She Didn't Know Why Her Husband Never Had Sex With Her Till She Read His Facebook Chats

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 25 May, 2017

I really don't know where to start and whether sharing another person’s story is the right thing to do but here is an example of how men can be so cruel.

It was her first night. He told her, “we’ll have children after 2 years, let’s not have any physical relationship before that.” He asked her not to tell anyone and believe me, she didn’t even tell her friends or family.

He did not let her work or study further. He even made her cut off her ties with friends and family later on. Her family was a conservative family and believed that their daughter might live happily if they did not interfere in her personal matters.


After 2 years, she asked him for a child and finally asked him why he was doing this to her. He avoided the conversation and moved to his parents' house so that she got busy doing household chores. His parents made her work for their joint family of around 15 members. None of them helped her in doing the chores and tortured her to bring money from her parents' home.

One day she happened to see his Facebook chats and pictures and was shocked to find out that he was gay.

She asked him and his parents about this. They told her there is no issue if he was gay and it is ridiculous of her to crave sex like that. They asked her to be a ‘good girl’ and spend the rest of her life with him. 

When the girl's family found out, they asked for a divorce but he and his family refused to sign the papers and took away all her educational certificates so that she couldn't get a job. 

Now my friend goes to court every month but nothing happens. It's been more than a year since she filed for a divorce.



Author's Note:

Why can't guys just remain single if they know they are gay? Who gave them the right to ruin a girl's life? The biggest worry of her parents is how will she ever live a normal life now? I wish she gets a divorce soon and also gets her certificates back so that she can lead a better life. She can’t even apply for a job.

To all the girls out there, be careful while choosing your life partner.

Editor's Note:

Share this story because no one should have the right to ruin anyone's life like this.