On The Fourth Night Of Our Wedding, She Asked Me To Sleep Downstairs

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 14 August, 2017

I married my angel whom I love a lot. We had cultural differences. Before our marriage, we had a lot of fights regarding our cultural differences about the marriage rituals. She always had a deal that we would be friends for a lifetime.

I am always having a bit louder relationship with her. I can't keep my hands off her. But she doesn't feel comfortable with my touch. She always had an issue with our relationship. On the fourth night of our wedding, she asked me to sleep downstairs. It was her idea that we must not share a single bed as she was uncomfortable.

Unknowingly while we were sleeping together, I happened to run my hands over her belly and chest. I don't even have the memory of it and really feel very guilty.

Sensing that she is uncomfortable, I can't even think about having sex with her. I don't know what her problem is. She ends up blaming me that my love for her is not true and that I am only into having sex with her. But those are not my intentions.

I am left clueless and helpless. We end up crying in two different corners of our home every day and night.