My Own Mother Seduced My Husband And Tried To Break Our Marriage

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 29 April, 2018

My marriage was fixed when I turned 21. I was shy and nervous but I was also impressed by my husband-to-be. After our roka, my fiancé and I started talking on the phone. But the period from the roka to the marriage, which was 7 months later, was the toughest phase of my life.

We enjoyed talking to each other but the only problem was that we couldn’t speak freely, as my mother always sat beside me.

We didn't talk anything wrong or indecent but I needed some privacy because my mother would keep interrupting us with her comments, as though she was a friend of the same age. It was just very embarrassing.

I was not comfortable with the idea of having my mom as a third person in all our conversations.

So we decided to talk when my mother was not around. But my mom was a harsh lady. She started taunting me and assumed that we were talking about indecent things. She clearly told me that she would not accept us talking alone on the phone.

She went to the extent of breaking my cell!

Luckily, I was able to hide the SIM card but I told her that I didn’t know where it was. I was also adamant about keeping the broken cell with me. Since I didn’t tell her about the sim card, I was forced to call my fiancé from my mother’s cell for the next two months. As a result, we couldn’t speak freely.


One day, my paternal grandfather came to our house and suggested that I learn sewing. The sewing class was close to my house and my aunt accompanied me every day. She was aware of my situation and offered her cell to call my fiancé. I informed my grandfather and my father that I was using her phone to speak to him.

In the meanwhile, I discovered that my mom was aware of every conversation that I had with my fiance.

She kept saying, “I know you are talking to him, just accept it.” I was confused if she was trying her luck or someone had told her about it. But my fiancé maintained that he never spoke to my mom or told anyone that we talk regularly.

His birthday was a few months before our marriage and he wanted me to wish him on his birth time, which was at 2 a.m. I frankly asked my mom if I could call him but she refused. So, I put my SIM in my cell and we spoke the entire night.

The next morning, she called my fiancé to wish him and then passed the phone to me. I wished him again and we were very happy that we were able to speak in the night. After a few hours, I got a chance to go to my grandpa’s place and I called my fiancé.


He was annoyed and angrily asked me if I’d told my mom about our conversation from the previous night. I was numb. He said that my mom called and asked him what we spoke at night. He told her that I’d given him a missed call but he didn’t call me back. I gathered all my courage and told him that my mom had tricked him and he had fallen into her trap.

I was forced to tell him that playing tricks was a part of my mother's nature.

We decided that going forward, if my mom asked either of us any questions, our only response would be ‘no’. We stuck to our decision for around 20 days and my mom was very annoyed that her tricks were failing.

Then one day, she asked me to get something from the nearby vendor. I returned a bit late, as I stopped at my grandpa’s place to talk to my fiance. As soon as I reached, she started questioning me. She knew that I had called him and she wanted me to accept it. But I didn’t agree nor did my fiancé.

That night, she told my father to ask my grandpa if he had allowed me to talk. My father told her not to worry because even if the call was made, nothing could be done. But my mom wasn’t satisfied. She pestered him even the next morning and he finally got annoyed and accepted that I had spoken to my fiancé.

That very moment, my mom lost her cool and started banging her head on the wall.

She started bleeding and created a huge drama. She kept yelling that she wouldn’t let us get married. The drama went on for hours and even our neighbours got involved. Ultimately, we called the doctor and asked him to give her a sedative.

I couldn’t stop blaming myself for everything that happened.

For the next 10 days, my relationship was on the brink of breaking down. However, her medical condition and my grandmother’s advice helped convince my mom and she agreed to the marriage. She would casually call my fiancé in front of me but never felt the need to allow me to talk to him.

Due to the tensed environment at home, I mistakenly swallowed the tablets that are put in grains like rice and wheat. I was extremely uneasy and didn’t know what to do. Luckily, my sister realized that something was not right. She asked me to vomit everything out and finally, I felt relieved.

With just a few days left before the wedding, we began shopping. However, I was not allowed to buy anything of my choice.

In fact, my mom didn’t even want me to go to the market with them.

My maternal aunt got two pretty nightdresses for me but my mom refused to give them to me. I couldn’t understand why she was behaving in this manner. I wept helplessly. Later, I was shocked to see her wearing the same nightdress. I was extremely hurt.

Finally, the day of my engagement arrived and I was dressed in a saree. My mom seemed jealous but I was unaware of the fact and assumed that she was feeling unwell. During the celebrations, my fiancé urged me to dance close to him and as we danced, I caught my mother giving me an awful look. I requested him to leave me and I got off the dance floor.

As soon as I reached home, she ordered me to take off everything that was given by my in-laws. I was not allowed to keep my engagement ring also.

Then she asked me to do all the household chores and treated me like a maid. I cannot describe how hurt I was. No one should have to go through such pain.

That evening, her BP went up and she was admitted to the hospital for probably the 20th time.

My marriage was just a week away and it was a crucial time when I needed someone close to me. Instead, I was living in worry and fear.

The mehendi function was to take place a day before the marriage. I was supposed to enjoy my last day in the house but that night, my mom picked a fight with my maternal aunts for reasons that no one could digest. That is the kind of person she was.

On the day of the marriage, I went to my maternal grandmother's house as it was near the venue. When I reached the house, my aunts asked me if I had waxed my bikini area. Since I hadn’t, they helped me with it and sent me to the parlour to get ready.

The parlour lady couldn’t stop gushing about my makeup. I don’t know if she was lying or I genuinely looked good. When I went to the venue, my mom started feeling giddy as soon as she saw me. She had to be injected a number of times throughout the wedding.

I got married in the constant fear that my mom would die. But nothing happened to her.

I started my new life with shocking revelations. The first shock was that my mother had been calling my elder sister-in-law and speaking ill about me. She had told her that I had affairs with multiple guys. She also told her to beware as I was a quick learner and was capable of taking her position in the house.

She even bitched about my father and paternal relatives. I’m ashamed to share the things she said. As a result of all this, my sister-in-law gave me a hard time.

Even when I was pregnant, she would constantly fight with me and taunt me.

When I was in the eighth month of my pregnancy, my husband made another shocking confession to me. It was the day of Holi and he got drunk and held me in his arms. He said he wanted to disclose something but begged me not to leave him after learning the truth.

He told me about his relationship with my mom and how she had made him beg on his knees to allow us to get married.

She went to the extent of seducing my husband and expected the same from him! I was ashamed to call her my mother, as she had ruined the relationship between a mother and child.

I didn’t know whom to blame; my fate, God, my husband or myself? I finally began to understand the reason for her jealousy. She was possessive about my husband and didn’t want to share him with me.

According to my husband, she considered herself as his first wife! She had banged her head on the wall because she believed that my husband deceived her.

She was shameless enough to tell him not to have any physical relationship with me.

But my husband truly loved me and never paid heed to her. It’s been seven years now and we are happily married with two kids. However, my mom has not changed at all. I am not allowed to enter her house and if anyone from my family tries to defend me, she starts getting hyper and her BP shoots up making her unconscious.

That lady has always taken advantage of our fear of losing her. Such a person cannot be a mother.

She is just a selfish lady who cares only about herself. As unreal as it sounds, this is the true story of my life.

Editor's Note:

A mother puts her children before herself. She is the one they turn to in happiness and in trouble. But what does one do when their own mother thinks ill of them? Share this story because being hurt by your own loved ones is the worst kind of pain.