My Married Boyfriend Shifted All The Blame To Me Once He Was Done

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 18 September, 2017

Nikhil was my senior in college but there was a huge age difference between us. I was 25 while he was 36.

He was married and had a child but his wife was in his hometown.

He was staying in a hostel here. We started talking because of a college project. Soon we became very close friends. We talked for hours on the phone and would stay with each other in college. One night, while he was talking over the phone with me, he said, “Mera har time tumse baat karne ka mann karta hai. Pata nahi mujhe kya ho raha hai. Mera mann hai ke main tumhare paas aa jaun.” 

Our talk got intense and we had phone sex.

Next morning, I felt so guilty that I called him and said we will never do such a thing again. I said, “Let’s keep our friendship pure.” He agreed with me. A few days later, Nikhil was acting a bit frustrated. I knew it was because he saw me talking to another guy.

When I tried to ask Nikhil why he was acting this way, he kissed me. It was a really long kiss. After that day our relationship took a turn. He said, “We have progressed from friends to best friends and now we are more than friends.”

But then Nikhil fell ill. What was worse was that the doctors could not diagnose his condition. They could not find out what exactly he was suffering from. I tried to help him in every possible manner and it took him about 5 months to get well.

After that he started drifting away from me. I couldn’t take it. We had fights. I also came to know about another woman who was Nikhil’s girlfriend before he got married.

She was married to someone else now. Nikhil said that he still loved her only and that they were still in a relationship with each other. Nikhil and I had so many fights but I always apologized because I didn’t want to lose out on our friendship.

He used abusive language, slapped me multiple times and even called me his mistress. Finally, I decided to stop trying to save our friendship. I realized that right from the very beginning, what we had shared had never been a bond of friendship at all.

Through his batch mates, I came to know that before meeting me, he had been in a relationship with another girl. I know I have no right to complain as I am the one at fault for falling for a married man. But he was the first person that I had trusted so much as a friend. I had relied on him. Now we don’t talk. It has already been 7 months since we stopped talking. He has gone back to his hometown and we will never ever see each other again.

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Author's Note:

But I still don’t know why I have this anger inside me. There are so many things that I want to say to him. How could he shift all the blame to me? Am I really the one to blame? Is he as clean and as innocent as he claims to be? I don’t know if I will ever be able to get over this. Whenever I think about him, tears automatically start falling. Why? What is this? Why am I not able to forget that sc**ndrel?

Editor's Note:

We take our own time to trust, respect, rely on and love someone. But when our trust is broken, the relationship goes for a toss and the scars take achingly long to heal. Share this story so that this wronged woman gets all the emotional support that she needs right now.