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My Husband Gave Me A Second Chance But I Will Always Miss My ‘Someone Special'

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I have always kept myself safe and secure in a shell where my happiness was confined only to my husband Nishant, kid, and family which led me to be a strong believer of monogamy. I met someone special, Siddhant, during the phase when I really needed someone to hold and strengthen me to deal with my scattered life. It started casually, and gradually, moved on to an emotional note. We started getting dependent on each other and the trust between us was unbelievable.

We were completely mad for each other and wanted to live every bit of togetherness with a clear intention of not disturbing our families.

There was nothing which we didn’t discuss and used to share our views on WhatsApp. We had discussions on personal things, professional growth, and eventually, our chats turned into intimate ones wherein we directly exchanged thoughts on sex and pleasure. We had a clear and a pious relationship but the emotional connect turned into physical need and we decided to attain sexual pleasure.

But destiny had stored something else and this happiness was short lived.

Our chats got noticed by Nishant, and despite getting disturbed and hurt with the situation, he made me realize that I had not done anything wrong and this was just the need and pleasure which I was looking from someone else. Nishant was undergoing some treatment and medication then and my special someone stood by my side day and night. He was always there with me virtually and kept motivating me to stay strong and move on with a positive thought.

I don’t have words to express my gratitude towards him.

He is the strongest and most knowledgeable person I have ever met in my life. He is so updated about everything that he could talk about science, technology, human behaviour, and what not. I can just listen to him for hours. He has a charm which makes everything look interesting.

I know I have hurt Nishant to the core but he dealt with me very patiently.

Facing Nishant and departing Siddhant had then left me in a comfortless situation. Siddhant wanted me to move ahead with my life for the peace and longevity of my family. So with a heavy heart, I agreed. He was the one who had answers to all my queries, completely understood me and taught me how to start living for myself first. He had always pampered me and brought me out of my shell.

On the other hand, Nishant was trying to be understanding too. He gave me time to come out of it. He didn’t want to discuss on it any further. But it was difficult for me to imagine my life without Siddhant in it. It wasn’t easy as I was badly addicted to him. We used to talk daily and discuss our overall day. We made sure that our involvement never affected our family life.

Everything was sorted and we both were happy.

But in life, there comes a stage when you wish to fly high and follow your heart. I had reached the phase of my life but it didn’t last long. I was always very ethical when it came to my relationship with Nishant. I didn’t even speak with any guy apart from my husband and believed that he was my happiness. He had always supported me in all my decisions and never interrupted in what I wanted to be. But he was always short of time. I liked to travel, freak around with friends, and spend time with Nishant but he was rarely available. There were times when we would spend 12 hours without talking because he was busy with work. Even when at home, he would prefer watching TV or surfing the internet. I always had to push him to do things in life, for that matter, even if I wished to have sex, I had to take the initiative.

I don’t need my special someone just to have my physical need fulfilled but for a reason that he listens to me.

I like talking to him and being with him. The care and concerns that I get from him are remarkable. I feel safe and secure around him. He is a thorough gentleman and a very nice human being who cares for everyone around. I will always miss him in all my times and will keep him in my heart forever. He will always be a part of my prayers and I wish him a great and a successful life. I have loved him because of his pure heart, intelligence, his madness to grow in his career, his approach to deal with life and of course, the happiness and love he has showered on me. I am blessed to have a caring and a loving husband and my special someone who is not going to be there for me physically but will always be there in my thoughts.

I will forever cherish the memories he has given me. 

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