My Busy Work Schedule Made My Fiance Cheat On Me Without Any Guilt

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 1 September, 2017

I am an Architect who was born into a very respectable family of Bureaucrats. I met my dream girl at a fest when I was in my final year of college. She was one of the most beautiful and adorable girls I had ever come across. She had sparkling eyes and an exquisite smile. She was also pursuing architecture from a different college in Jaipur.

She was soft spoken and seemed intelligent. Her personality infatuated me. Furthermore, she was ambitious, just like me. We became friends and added each other on Facebook. She told me she would be looking for a job in Bengaluru once she finishes her college, as her family resides in Bengaluru.

I waited a year for her to come back to my city. We both got jobs at different Architecture Firms and our offices were situated close to each other. Even our houses were close to each other. We became good friends and started sharing our experiences at work every day.

We started meeting regularly and gradually fell in love with each other. At least, I presumed that she loved me that time.

Movies, dinner dates, long drives, walks, dancing at clubs, watching cricket and football matches, we did everything together. Every weekend, we spent time together and at times, even on weekdays after work hours.

One day, she told me that she wanted to marry me in a few years and introduced me to her family. After a couple of meetings with her family, I developed a good bond with them. They approved of us and treated me like their own son. It was a dream come true. She insisted on meeting my family too and I introduced her to them. They loved her so much. What’s more wonderful is that our families also met and adored each other and wanted us to get married at the earliest.

Slowly, we got intimate and took the relationship to the next level. I felt so connected with her. We dated for three years and then I planned a trip to Goa along with our friends and proposed to her by the seaside when the sun was setting. She immediately said yes.


Our families were on cloud nine. Her siblings bought gifts for me and her parents told me how proud they were of us. But things started to change at my workplace. I got promoted and was assigned more projects than usual, and at the same time, I started working with independent clients.

The euphoria of getting promoted and obtaining a salary hike was a big confidence booster for me as I had become the right hand to my boss. Life seemed perfect but slowly, my stress at work started increasing. 

As a kid, my parents have inculcated in me that it is your work, which defines, you and hence, it should be kept as a priority. As a result, I could not spend as much as time with my fiancé as I used to before. Our meetings reduced. Usually, I used to get exhausted by the end of the day. Once, she came to my place, gave me a tight hug and told me that it is just a phase and that I would become a highly successful man one day. I appreciated her support. But the volume of my work kept on increasing, week after week. I became constantly busy with client meetings and various other projects. My visits to different sites kept on increasing beyond the limit. She started complaining and quarreling with me, demanding more time, which I could not grant her like I did earlier. I still managed to take out time for her. I lost touch with most of my friends as I used to spend all my free time with my family, my beautiful fiancée, and her family. We were all a big happy group. But she was not, as she demanded more time from me. I explained my plight to her and requested her to be more understanding but she refused to do so. Eventually, she became very difficult to cope with. So we decided to get married at the earliest, assuming it to be the best solution. 

Just when life seems perfect, Fate has something else in store to ruin everything.

After a few weeks, she went to Thailand for her friend’s bachelorette party. She seemed very excited about it. But when she returned, she seemed very different, detached and less affectionate. She told me that she met a guy there, who was from Haryana. They exchanged numbers and became friends. I found that odd but my blind trust in her didn’t let me say anything. After a few weeks, that guy moved to Bengaluru and started meeting my fiancé whenever I was busy at work. I became possessive and asked her how their friendship had grown so strong. She rebuked it by saying that I was overreacting and told me that she will make him meet me so that I realize that he is a good guy.


She eventually threw a party and invited him. Meeting him was a pain in the a**. He was boisterous and uncivilized. He used slangs and abuses in every sentence and could not even speak proper English (though I do not judge people with poor English as it is just a language and not a measure of one’s intelligence, I do dislike people who do not maintain a certain decorum). 

He got drunk at the party and misbehaved with a lot of people. To my utter shock, my fiancé was defending him.

Upon asking her about the reason behind her defending him, she replied that he was all alone in the city and wouldn’t be able to reach home by himself. I was astonished by her behavior. The next morning, I told her to abstain from meeting him but she constantly argued with me and claimed that he was genuinely a nice guy. I could not take all this. At the same time, I had so much pressure at work and we used to fight every day because of him.

Suddenly, one unfortunate day, my younger brother met with a car accident and suffered numerous injuries. My family was under so much of trauma. My fiancé’s parents came to help and support me and my family but I was flabbergasted to see my fiancé not caring much and lost in her own world. I was almost shattered. I could not handle seeing my brother with injuries and my parents breaking down and my fiancé not giving a damn, but being the elder son, I had to act responsibly. After a few weeks, my brother had started to recover, but I still took care of him all the time besides managing my projects at work. However, the tough times were still not over.

I came to know that my fiancé had been having sex with that guy since the time he had moved to Bengaluru. I went insane. I felt like killing myself. Upon being caught, she begged for forgiveness but I couldn’t accept what she did to me.

I asked her for the reason for which she replied that she felt lonely when I was too busy at work and that this other guy was always available for her since he was unemployed.

She further stated reluctantly that she lost all her control one day when he had touched her and that she just could not stop herself from having sex with him.

According to her, she had made a mistake once and she didn’t see the point in turning back as I would never accept her. So, she continued sleeping with him. Hearing all this made me furious. I started yelling and broke almost everything in my room. I called that other guy, but before I could lay my hands on him, he caught the first train to Bhiwani (In Haryana) and fled away.

He did answer my call and told me that he derived utmost pleasure in banging someone else’s fiancé. I felt helpless. I stopped eating and couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t concentrate at my workplace. My fiancé kept asking for forgiveness but I could not just live with the fact that she could be so two-faced.

Eventually, I got hospitalized because of a nervous breakdown. Her family as well as mine got to know the truth and everyone blamed and taunted her. She felt miserable at that point of time. She constantly fell on my feet seeking forgiveness but I could not make peace with the fact that she cheated on me and ruined our relationship.

I was in a state of shock that the one woman I loved for more than three years turned out to be such a shallow human being. Only because I could not take her out to movies and dinners, I was punished in such a horrible manner.

Eventually, we broke up and did not get married. That was inevitable. I was depressed and not the same anymore. My parents took me for therapy. We stopped contacting each other. After a few months, I started recovering. But then, I came to know that the same guy was back from Haryana and was still with my ex.


She had gotten involved with him again. Then I realized that she was not guilty at the first place. She went back to the man because of whom we had split. I hated her guts and lost it again. Whatever mental improvement I had, it all went in vain. I got sacked from my workplace. I felt like committing suicide but my parents were always there to stand by me. In the end, it is only your family that you can rely upon. After a year, I moved to Ahmedabad, set up a small business there. It has been two years since the incident took place and I still miss her a lot.

Even though she had lost my respect, she still has my love.

Her pretty face revolves around my dull mind all the time. I heard that her parents were so fed up of her that they kicked her out of their house. But she came back crying to them. The last I heard, they got her married to an affluent doctor in Hyderabad who also does not have much time for her and all she does is party with her new set of friends in the new city.

She does not feel guilty for hurting me so bad. She has moved on. I feel miserable. I want to ask her what I ever did to her that made her crush my heart and soul in such a pathetic manner.

Author's Note:

My sincere request to all those people who are cheating on their partners - don't hurt the ones who love you deeply. If at all your relationship is going down, then please try to talk to each other and find an amicable solution instead of finding a substitute. And the ones who have already cheated on their partners, just turn back to them, drop your ego, apologize, and try to bring a smile back on their faces.

This life is too short to have miseries and animosity.