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My Brother and I Are In Happy Marriages But We Still Want Each Other

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I am in a relationship with my brother... yes, you are reading it right.

I am a married woman with a loving husband and 2 kids and an amazing job. Aditya is my cousin brother (my mom's sister's son) who is also married to a lovely woman and has 2 kids. We live in different cities but share an intense bond.

My love for Aditya started when I was around 7-8 years old. We were playmates as kids and Aditya, who was 3 years older than me used to shower me with love and affection.

I once asked Aditya if he would marry me once we grew up. He just smiled. I still remember when one day I asked the same question to my mom. She smiled and said that I cannot marry him as he is my brother.

When my dad met with an accident and was admitted in the hospital, I was in Aditya's home for a few days. I used to feel very homesick then. Aditya would do everything to comfort me. We used to meet during family functions and it would be very painful for me to leave him after the function.

We grew up and completed our degrees in different cities. Though both of us had feelings for each other, we couldn't reveal it as we knew very well its consequences. I got married soon after I completed my Masters degree and Aditya got married a year later.

After that, we drifted apart since we didn't have a chance to meet each other often. After many years, one of my cousins got married. I was so excited to meet my cousins and relatives after a long, long time. My heart skipped a beat when I saw my Aditya smiling at me from a distance. I rushed to him and held his hand. Both of us were filled with emotions, meeting each other after a long time.

Since then, we started talking through phone. One fine day, we confessed our love for each other during a late night chat. From that day on, our relationship took a new turn. Our conversations became more intimate and we also met a couple of times.

When we made love for the first time, we could understand how much we had missed out on each other. We are like husband and wife now. I have no guilt or regrets for being in this relationship. No one is responsible or no one is to be blamed in this relationship.

We have no intentions of breaking our marriage with our spouses. We are not meant to be with each other... we are not supposed to, and I am well aware of this fact. But I cannot help falling in love with this amazing man.

We used to often recall our innocent days as kids together. The feelings that we had for each other as kids is still going strong. I don't know how far our relationship is going to take us to. However, I have this one wish... I want to hold the hand of my Aditya when I breathe my last.

My story may be strange, weird or unacceptable... but I know that mine is one of those unsaid love stories among millions of such similar ones... which cannot be told out.

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