Just Because I Talked To My Uncle Daily, He Thought It Was Fine To Touch My Private Parts

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 8 April, 2018

I am a female who will be 20 soon. This experience took place when I was in my early teens. I was less than a month away to turn 14.

During those times, Facebook was the only trend. WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. were unknown to the world.

I had no friends in school because I was an introvert with low self-esteem.

So I used to talk to my distant relatives on Facebook and shared a good bond with them. One of them was an uncle who was as old as my father. My family knew him. He used to live in my native place. My cousin lives in a joint family and this uncle was a part of it. We used to chat a lot. We even exchanged numbers and talked on call. He used to make me laugh and I used to be happy.

I didn't have friends of my age group, so I used to talk to my uncle but I considered him like my father. A cool father who was very good to me.

Several months passed by, things were going on normally. Then all of a sudden, he started asking me the clothes I was wearing and the colour of my undergarments over the phone. It seemed strange at first but I was a stupid kid back then, so I didn't think much about it. I looked at him as a father figure so it never occurred to me that he could do anything wrong.

Fast-forward to my summer vacation, I went to my native place and stayed with my cousins. All of us were watching TV together when my uncle said that he was going to sleep. I used to sing my dad to sleep so I thought that I'll do the same with him. So I went with him to his room.

I thought of just singing a song, patting his forehead, and getting out of the room in 5 minutes.

But, what actually happened left me in shock. I was lying next to him and he was moving his hands on my chest. I was breathing heavily and completely in shock. As soon as he moved his hand, I ran away.

I wasn't able to believe what had happened and more than that, my uncle could behave in such a manner. It was unbelievable.

Later that evening, he along with his wife (who had no idea about her husband's intention) took all the children to a famous park in the city. There was a maze in that park. All of us were going in that maze in the pair of 2. My cousin and uncle both wanted to go with me. So they both held my hands, but my uncle pulled me towards him with a little force and said that he would go with me. My cousin agreed by saying that she would go the second round with me. And we all were inside the maze in pairs.

I was alone with him and slowly, his hand started to move around my waist, touching my a** and he had stuck my body towards his with a little force. I couldn't let go of him easily. And he was constantly kissing me on my forehead and cheeks.

Then my younger brother found us and my uncle quickly moved away from me. He didn’t get the hint and he said, “I know the way out, let’s go.” I ran towards him and we all came out.  

I tried telling my uncle to stop doing this because I didn’t like it and he agreed.

Later, when no one was around, his hands went inside my pants between my thighs. And he asked me if I liked it and touched my b**bs. This time, his hand was literally inside my bra. I know I shouldn't have been roaming around him, but he was close to me so I thought he would change if I explained myself properly. I was just a kid then.

Once, my cousin saw him misbehaving with me. He had pulled down his pants and his d**k was out. And then he came near me, to pull down my pants too. I was crying and shaking with fear. I tried to stop him but he didn’t listen. That moment, my cousin entered the room and saw all of it.

As soon as she arrived, my uncle started pulling up his pants. I ran towards my cousin and cried my lungs out.

After that day, I only saw his face only in family gatherings. I have stopped going to my cousin's place. This incident took place 6 years ago, but it still scares me and has a negative effect on my relationships when it comes to getting physical.

Editor's Note:

No one has to go through sexual abuse as a kid or as an adult. Share this story across and let's unite to make this thing stop.