It Was Difficult To Run Away From My Abusive Marriage And I Still Don't The Reason Behind That Torture

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 11 July, 2017

My husband is an “ideal husband” - according to the world. He is caring, loving and a jolly person outside the home. He doesn’t let me face any problem alone and always supports me in my decisions.

I lost my parents at an early age so this love & care was making me feel complete. All my family members know him as a man with a golden heart. We worked in the same field and fell in love during an official tour, soon deciding to marry.

Everything was perfect until I made a mistake.

His friends had come down to meet us and I was supposed to make snacks for them. It was a long day at work for me, so I preferred to serve some readymade snacks available at home. Nothing was unusual till his friends left.

When we went to bed, he gave me a notebook and asked me to write down that I did not follow the words of my husband and served readymade snacks to guests instead of preparing them at home.

I took it as a joke but after he insisted, I wrote it. Next day I had to leave early for the office so I prepared and kept the breakfast on the dining table and asked him to help himself. That night, he again asked me to write in a notebook that I did not serve him breakfast with respect. It was Friday night and we both had a day off the next day so I thought of asking him for the reason behind this act of making me write like this. He smiled and said, “Saturday is going to be your correction day from now on.” I honestly did not get his point.

When he up woke me early the next morning, I was feeling sleepy but since I did not want to offend him, I woke up and prepared our morning tea. While sipping the tea, he asked me to take a bath immediately afterwards. He had a surprise planned! Or so I happily assumed. I went to switch on the water heater because it was the month of December and the water was ice cold. “Take your bath with cold water”, he ordered. I exclaimed “Baby! it’s really cold weather. How can I take bath with cold water?” “Do as I say” he bluntly said. I don’t know why, but I obeyed his order. I was shivering cold after the bath and I obviously wanted to cover myself in the blanket. But I never knew what was going to happen next. “Do you remember, today is your correction day?” my husband said to me in a harsh tone. “Baby! Are you serious about it? What correction would you want in me?” I spoke in the politest tone. He got up from his seat, came to me and told me in a very dominant voice “I am your husband and I want you to be a perfect lady, so I will correct all your mistakes, whether big or small. If you have any issues, tell me right now. You are free to move out of the house with no delay.”

I was stunned. He really said that? Well, I have heard about male ego and honestly, I did not want to ruin this relationship so I bowed my head in acceptance of whatever comes from his side.

"Good girl!” he kissed on my cheek and said. “Now just follow whatever I say and remember, asking questions will only lead you to worse punishments. Your mistakes are not so big so I will punish you less today. No bad or abusive words should come out of your mouth, mind it”

I was clueless, still nodded. I was now getting bit scared still decided against arguing with him.

“Kneel down” he ordered. I did. “Now touch my feet with your head and repeat 20 times that you will follow my orders and never disobey me in the future” he said in a firm voice. This was the limit. I yelled at him “What bullshit is this? What are you asking me to do man? I will not do this nonsense”

“Sorry darling” he pulled my hair and said in a loud tone, “I did not want to punish you physically but you asked for it! Now I will show you how to punish a bad wife” I screamed in pain “Please don’t do it.” But he was not even bothered to look at me and realize my pain.

He dragged me to another room and pushed me on the bed. I was expecting him to show his power in bed and humiliate me but No! He tied my hands and started hitting me with a belt!

I was crying but he did not stop for the next two minutes. I was not able to get up but he lifted me from the bed again by pulling my hair and asked me to kneel down again. Why are you doing this? I asked in a broken voice. His reply was again the same “to make you perfect.” “Now I will teach you how to keep quiet. So for the next 30 minutes, there should be no sound from your side, got it?” Why? I asked. “And anyway, you speak a lot in your office. It’s not good for a married woman to talk this much.”

“Are you kidding me?" I asked him. He asked me to come close to him. He was sitting on the chair and I went near him. He asked me to kneel down and keep my head straight. “I asked you to keep quiet for 30 minutes and you can’t even keep quiet for 3 minutes, is this all you have learnt from my belt?”

I was speechless now due to fear of the upcoming punishment. Before I could understand anything, he started slapping me. My cheeks were swollen with his hard slaps. I got up and told him that this was it. I am leaving from here right now. He laughed and said “Who will believe that I did this? Everyone knows that I love you more than myself so if you don’t want your life to become hell then stay here. I will punish you only for your mistakes so if you don’t want to be punished then don’t commit any mistake in the future and silently take today’s punishment. The more you talk; the worse shall be the consequences. If you are not able to control your tongue then shall I help you with a tape?”

I was broken at that point. How shameless he had become! I walked towards him silently and knelt down. He slapped me hard and laughed loudly. “You need a tape?” I nodded yes. He put a tape on my mouth and asked me to lay down on the bed. It was his belt again all over my body. He stopped only when he was tired.

Why, oh why was I even a part of this? Honestly, I still wanted to give the RELATIONSHIP a chance!

I almost fainted. He poured cold water on my face and asked me to get up to prepare food for him. I did. This day was the worst day of my life till then. I resigned from my job within a week and became his full time slave. I tried my level best to keep him happy but the smallest mistake also was countable for a punishment. He used to punish me in different ways.

He made me sleep on the bare floor, stand in the sun for couple of hours, do sit ups at any point of time, kept me tied to the leg of the sofa for a whole day, even tied a dog's belt around my neck and tied me to the window. These were his favorite acts of punishing me.

I was now a lifeless body. I had stopped communicating with my friends and family. One day he came home with his two friends and all of them were drunk. I served them food and went inside the room but he called me out. Though I was not comfortable, I did not want to get any punishments now for disobeying him. He asked me to put the dog collar and kneel down. I did. He then turned towards his friends and told them proudly “See, this is how I keep this Bi*** under control.” He then asked me to get him the stick that he always used for hitting me. I got him his stick. “Now I will show you the power of a man” He announced. He held the stick in his hand and sat on the sofa. “Come here and lick my feet like a dog” He ordered me. I wanted to die right there but I still obeyed him. When my head was down, he put his other foot on my head, pushed it down and told me “this is where you belong, under my foot”

He then instructed me to go back to the room. Next day was a holiday. We both woke up late. After he finished breakfast, I sat down for eating but before I could start eating, he shot a question “Why did you come out yesterday night?” “You asked me to come” I replied in a low voice. Tadak! Slap on the face. He blamed me for my humiliation in front of his friends. And this act called for a real severe punishment. I fell down on his feet and begged him not to beat me. My body was not able to take his belts anymore. He made me sit in front of him as usual on my knees. “Slap yourself” He ordered. I looked at him with blank eyes. Slap yourself, he said. His voice was so dominating and loud that I obeyed him immediately. Like a lunatic, I was slapping myself. “STOP” his voice made me put a halt. “Today I would teach you a good lesson, so that next time you would be really careful”. He tied my hands with a harsh rope and dragged me like a sand bag.

That day he showed his cruelty on bed and he raped me continuously for hours. He wanted to make all his fantasies real and this made me almost dead.

He then put the collar with chain and tied me to the window. I was shattered mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. I wanted to end my life! The same day, my husband’s uncle called up and informed me about some family function which was three weeks later. I decided to put an end for this torture now. I knew that he will not torture me till this function gets over. We went to his uncle’s house three days prior to the function. My husband was being praised among all the relatives. My family had also come but there was no point telling them anything because I knew no one will believe me! I did not have any proof either. Finally I thought of sharing this with one of my childhood friends. Initially she could not believe it but then she trusted me and asked me to file for divorce.

On what grounds will I take the divorce? My husband had a good job, big house, and was loving and caring in front of the world! Who will believe that he tortures me like this!

“My darling is talking about a divorce?” my husband's voice scared me like hell. I stopped talking. He did not let me meet my friend after that. We came back home, he told me softly but clearly that he will give me all the luxuries but he will keep on punishing me. But why? I wanted to know. “No reason” he replied. I just like doing it. I was again speechless.

Finally one night, during another family function, I ran away. I did not take anything from my husband. Money, clothes nothing. I just left with my pan card and passport. I could not even take my certificates from his home.

It’s now been a long time since I've been away from that Hell! Today I work as a hostel warden and have a life on my own. I have achieved financial independence. However, whenever the past flashes back, I wonder why I had to bear that torture. Those five months, which I spent being his slave, shall always be the most torturous phase of my life. Now, I am free! I still hope he is also happy with his life.