In My Eyes, She Was So Perfect That I Was Too Dumb To Understand Why She Really Broke Up With Me

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 30 June, 2017

This is my story. A story which I want the world to know. A story which states the fact that guys are not the only people who cheat.

I'm from Hyderabad. I live a happy life, and I have the best parents and a wonderful family. My life changed when this happened to me- I was cheated on by someone who put unimaginable dreams into my mind, and love that I had never known of in my heart. And this is how it all went down.

I was a normal guy with friends and family who were always there for me. I met a girl, let's call her Archana. We spoke all day and night- I would make time for her when I had none, spoke to her the way I didn't talk to anyone, loved her more than I could ever love anyone. I was too scared to tell her that I loved her, because of the past experiences I had with people I liked. We both knew that we had a thing for each other, we grew really close over a short period of time. Then something that I didn't expect happened, she confessed her feelings for me. I was so dumbstruck that I couldn't tell her a word about how I felt, but somehow managed to pile up some courage and told her. I was so happy when she confessed, that I had tears in my eyes when she said those words. We met the next day and I asked her out. We were a "made for each other" kind of couple, the kind of couple that would make others jealous of the fact that they never found someone who was so compatible with each other, the kind of couple who would do anything for each other.

She gave me dreams about our marriage, dreams of the way the wedding would take place, dreams that made me love her even more. I was so blind in love that I would never in my wildest dreams imagine that she would cheat.

I made sure that I did everything I could to keep her happy, and sometimes I feel that I might have just done a little too much for a person who never cared. She used me whenever she wanted, I never took that into consideration as I could never imagine that she would do something like that.


She moved to Manipal for studies and we were in a long distance relationship. She made new 'friends' whom she went out with every other night, and came back home drunk. I asked her if everything was fine. She told me that it was just too much pressure and that she needed to drink in order to get over the pressure and stress. This girl was the same person who used to call me in the night at 4 am, just in case something was bothering her, or even if she was not able to sleep! I still didn't bother. I still waited patiently for her to calm down and become the girl that I was in love with. 

The frequency of us talking reduced day to day. She liked someone else at her university. Her friend told me but I was too dumb to believe it, too blind to see the proof, too deaf to listen to what I was told.

One fine day when she came back to Hyderabad, she told me that it's not working out and broke up with me. My heart broke into a thousand pieces. She didn't give me a good reason for why she broke up, and I was taking the blame on me thinking that it was my fault. For me she was perfect, and I thought she couldn't make a mistake.

She went back to Manipal and I was still struggling to understand her behaviour. She cheated on me. Cheated with a guy whom I trusted, cheated with the guy who she knew was the one I trusted. Cheated in a way that would never let me recover from the hurt. I lay in bed all night, with tears in my eyes, still not being able to accept the fact that it happened. I was ready to leave EVERYTHING for her- my family, friends, religion, everything, just to make sure that I could spend the rest of my life with her. But everything that I dreamt of came crashing down. I loved her so much that I was ready to forgive her and become what we were. But she asked me to have some self-respect and get out.

Author's Note:

This is for you Archana. I loved you more than anything I ever had or anyone I ever knew. I may feel this way for someone else in the future, but the scars you left will show. 

Editor's Note:

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