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I Was The Vice Principal Who Fell In Love With The Owner's Daughter And Suffered For It

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I am from Chennai and I had just joined a school in Delhi as the vice principal when I first met her. She was the owner's daughter. I was very young and very ambitious, and my only intention was to make the school the best in the city.

She first approached me and made a habit of discussing many things with me. She had lost her father in an accident so I used to have sympathy for her. Then suddenly one day, she messaged me on WhatsApp. Since I was in a responsible post, I decided to avoid it.

One day, she asked me to help her in her on a difficult subject. I too had studied the same subject and hence I obliged. I started taking home tuitions for her.

One day, she told me that she loves me. By then, I had started developing feelings for her as well. But what shocked me was that a day after expressing our love for each other, she initiated sex.

Now, sex became an important part of our relationship. She demanded sex every day.

By then, I became crazy in my love for her, so I fulfilled all her physical desires. She used to make me watch porn and ask me to perform the same things. I had never watched porn before.

One day, she had applied honey on her whole body and made me lick her with my tongue. I had a bit of hesitation, but I did what I was told. It went on for a year. By then, she had become friendly with another teacher.

Though in the initial stages I just took it as a normal friendship, eventually I found out that he was visiting her house. In the evening hours, normally she would be alone at her home when she used to call me for tuitions. But then, she had given some health reason and told me not to come.

Then one day I just saw the new friend of hers going to her house. I waited for ten minutes, then without telling her, I went her house and fortunately, I found the doors open.

What I saw that day left me shell-shocked. I found both of them fully naked and passionately making love to each other.

I loved her so sincerely and this incident left me depressed. She begged me not to say anything to anyone about what I saw. I was so depressed, I couldn't stay any longer in that school. After a month, I resigned from the school.

Now it has been more than one year since that incident passed. My family has fixed my marriage for this May. I only recently started talking to the girl. Whenever she talks about any intimate things, I get angry and irritated.

I am just not able to move on from what happened with me and I'm afraid I might end up making my future wife suffer the consequences.

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