I Was Raped Because My Crime Was Sitting And Relaxing In My Own Car

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 30 January, 2018

I got into my first ever relationship on 16th Feb 2011 when I was 13 years old. It lasted for 4.5 long years just because I wasn't ready to let go of it even after all the bad things that had happened to me.

From cheating on me to using me physically and torturing me emotionally, I never felt loved and special but couldn’t get out of this situation because I was too weak for making such a strong decision.

After years of going through manipulation and heartbreaks, and thinking that I am not worthy of anything, I broke up with him in March 2016. Many break-ups happened when our relationship was going on, and it was me running after him and always asking for a second chance. I never wanted time to move on after the relationship got over because, after everything that happened, I had already moved on when I was in that so-called relationship because nothing affected me then.

I regret wasting 5 long years of my life on such a person. Then at the end of 2016, I met the love of my life who makes me feel special and loves me endlessly. He knows everything about my past and supports me in every decision of mine.

We came into a relationship on 1st March 2017, and everything was going perfectly until the dreaded day of 24th April 2017, when I was raped by a person who disguised himself as a policeman and blackmailed us that he would take us to jail.

I never thought that sitting and chilling in your own car can be such a big crime that you can be raped for it.

From this day onwards, my life changed. Even though my man is still beside me, but no one can understand what I went through at the age of just 19. No one understands what the other person is going through until they have gone through the same situation.

To save the dignity of my family, I had to sacrifice my own respect. Till date, I am not able to look into my father's eyes with confidence or speak with people confidently or go out in dark.

I still have goosebumps whenever I think about my past, about the mistakes I have made by being naive. I have many reasons to be happy like everyone else, but my past spoils everything for me. Hopefully, someday I'll come out of it.

Author's Note:

I am a big fan of Akkar Bakkar. I love reading stories on this page, and that's why I felt like sharing my story.

Editor's Note:

Share this story because it is alarming.