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I Was Prepared To Break-Up With Him So He Could Be With Her

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*For representational purpose only.

I was head over heels for this guy and even he loved me madly. This was only till the time he joined a college for his post-graduation. He started to spend less time with me and I thought he was busy with his studies. But whenever I called him, the phone was engaged. I thought he had made new friends in his new life.

After few days, he kept telling me about a girl. When I asked him if he likes her, he said she was just a friend.

One day when I asked him whom he liked in his college, he named her. When we met during his holidays, she kept texting him and I saw the messages. I was not comfortable with it and I told him. But I did not get any comfort. I asked him if he really loves me or if we should call it quits. He said I was ¾ of his heart and she was ¼ of it. It sounded cinematic and terrible, and I was hurt badly.

Later I decided to see his mail, as there was nothing to doubt. But things kept haunting me. Years back when we clicked on 'forgot password', we could answer a security question if we knew the person well. So I tried the trick on the girl's account and luckily, I was correct. I opened the inbox and found nude pics of both of them and understood that they were actually in a relationship. When I asked a few of his friends, they said that he had claimed to have broken up with me and entered a relationship with her.

I broke up with him and was living a happy life. I never found out anything about him after that. After 4 years, I received a mail from him pleading me to forgive him and asking me to meet him so that he can apologize properly. I never met him and I never replied to him.

He failed in his post-graduation. He failed the relationship with that girl (apparently, she said she never loved him and she just wanted the physical thing).

We need to give time to things and karma will definitely play its role.

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