I Was Not Ready To Go The 'Whole Way' But I Wanted To Be A Part Of Him

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 2 August, 2018

I feel somewhat guilty when I remember this phase of my life.

But I also feel that I wasn't completely at fault.

I was a 15 when I began to feel quite frisky. I had all kinds of notions about love, romance, and marriage. One day, in this frame of mind, I initiated something.

I was lying on my bed on a hot afternoon, lazing around and listening to romantic songs of the 90s. We had many male servants in our house including a cook and a driver. The driver also worked as my younger brother's manny (male nanny).

He came and sat in close proximity to where I was lying. My brothers were running around the place like they usually did.

Suddenly, something came over me and I felt the desperate need to touch him.

I stretched my foot out and tucked it under his buttock. He was a little taken aback and quickly put his hand to check what was touching him. He realized it was my foot and gave it a squeeze. I could feel his tight butt cheek with my foot and it felt good! As he got up to go, he looked me in the eye and chuckled before he left my room.

My curiosity about the opposite sex peaked. I wondered, what else could I discover?

This guy was hot and I began to fantasize about his sexual abilities and what we could be. Could he be a potential boyfriend? It didn't bother me that he came from a poor background. So, we pursued each other.

At first, it was just playfulness; harmless fun like caressing an arm or a tickle here and there. But things progressed rapidly.

One day, he asked me to come to his room post midnight when everybody would be asleep. I didn't know what to expect but I was intrigued at how far he’d be willing to go. That night, I went to his room.

He sat me on his bed and immediately leaned in for a kiss. And what a mind-blowing kiss it was! He was a smoker, and I could taste the smoke on his lips.

It tasted so masculine! I was hungry for more.

I etched closer to him and he embraced me whilst we passionately kissed. I was on cloud nine! It felt heavenly. He put his hand under my nightdress and then under my bra. His hand felt amazing on my breast. He expertly caressed my boob and nipple.

He was making me feel such wonderful things!

I could feel a wet sensation in my loin. I was so aroused! I had never experienced this in my life. I was thoroughly enjoying the entire experience. Then he asked me to kneel on my knees. We were still fully clothed. I could see the twinkle of excitement in his eyes. I felt his manhood directed towards me, fully erect and ready.

He asked me to caress him and I duly complied. He grabbed my hand and urged me to rub him harder and faster. He grabbed his manhood and rubbed it over my panties that clothed my throbbing clitoris. I felt as though I was going to crumble. He wanted to push my underwear aside, he probed with his fingers but wasn't able to.

When I realized what he intended to do, I moved away from him.

I didn't feel ready to go the whole way. He came close to me and I got worried. But he was gentle. He understood my apprehension and offered me something else. He began smooching me on my neck, sending electrical shocks down my spine.

My whole body responded with goosebumps to his touch. When he placed his mouth around my nipple, I was euphoric. At the same time, he asked me to open my legs slightly and he inserted his finger into my already wet vagina. I could barely stand as I had an orgasm over his finger. My legs gave way.

He held me, gently sliding his finger to and fro within me. Whatever he was doing felt out of this world! He withdrew when he felt the full sensation of my wetness. I looked him in the eye and kissed him deeply.

I wanted to be engulfed in his raging passion. I wanted to be a part of him.

He took my hand and showed me what he wanted me to do. As I vigorously stroked him, he shuddered and came. What a night. We lay in each other’s arms. I couldn't believe that he hadn't forced me. He was an angel in my eyes. Our addiction to each other continued for several months. I was hooked to him.

He respected my choice of not going "the whole way".

Although, he did offer to use protection and brought me birth control pills too. But we had a mutual understanding and enjoyed each other thoroughly.

Did I take advantage of him? Or did he? Or maybe no one did?
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