I Was Disgusted When I Saw the Files On My Friend’s Laptop

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 17 August, 2017

I belonged to a group of friends and we compared ourselves to the characters of the TV show called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. We spent a lot of time together. One day one of my best friends proposed to me and I said, “No!” I was hurt when he proposed to me and started maintaining my distance from him. I thought this would give us both some time to recover.

In the mean time I became close to another friend in our group. He was funny, charming and he lightened my mood. Soon we became very close and started spending a lot of time together. My other friends warned me about him but I ignored him.

One day, the system on his laptop crashed suddenly and while recovering the data we came across a folder. It contained several photos.

He was chatting with girls while he was naked. It had videos of unsuspecting women in compromising positions. It also contained videos where he was having sex with them and screenshots of chats where he was sexting with these women.

When I saw all these files, I was shocked to the core. I couldn’t sleep for days and decided to break off all contacts with him. When I confronted him, I didn’t tell him the real reason. He knew I was lying and was hiding the real reason from him. He threatened me and said that he would make sure I was not a part of the group anymore. But I didn’t tell him the real problem. I want to be friends with him but cannot even look at him. I am disgusted and feel like a creep.

Editor's Note:

We may spend years with our best friends without really knowing them. Share this story so that this girl gets the much needed support to accept the ugly truth about her friend.